August 7, 2017


Mission Home Cuiabà, Brazil


Elder Levi Lowder

Try to see everyone as Christ would:)

This sunday we finally got Kilmer in the water! I'll send pics. :) We've been working wiht him since I got into this área and finally we were able to see him get baptized! :) We did a bunch of splits this week and I was able to go back to MAPIM! It was a real cool experience to see some of our converts there and to see memebrs who have become great friends. :) I don't know if you guys remember Larisa, who we baptized, but she told me that shes all ready preparing to serve a mission! It was a way good experience.

Here in our área, we are starting to work a little bit farther away from the chapel and it's showing some results, surprisingly. We are encouraged to work close the the chapel but we've hit about every door in the neighborhoods close by. The couple who is progressing quite a bit, Ana Paula and Diego, are doing great. This week with them was a miracle! We taught them the plan of salvation and then we talked to them about temples and the celestial kingdom and explained that they need to get legally married first. To our surprise they told us that about the same time that we found them and started to visit them, they decided that they wanted to get married and they already got their documents organized and so here in about a month and a half they´ll be married! há! we couldn't belive it! But the Lord Really blesses us and miracles do happen. :)

One more thing, this week some members who are really good friends, took us to a churrascaria (like a steak house) for lunch and it was, yes, the best meal I've had on the mission, maybe in my life. If you go to Brazil, you have to try it! It's the best meat on the planet haha. We walked out of the restaurant almost sick we´d eaten so much but it was awesome.

Hope you all have a great week, remember that no one is perfect, prophets are not perfect. Joseph Smith said, A prophet is only a prophet when he is acting as such. Try to see everyone as Christ would:)

Love you all and don't stop reading the Book of Mormon:)

Elder Craig:)


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