July 31, 2017


Mission Home Cuiabà, Brazil


Elder Levi Lowder

Our work here is going great and we love what we are doing!

The Picture sfrom everyone this week were awesome! haha I laughed the whole way through. I'm glad that we have the knowledge that families can be eternal as members of this church and the comfort that that gives.

Our week was a real good one, we worked real hard and tried some new parts of our área that haven't been worked in some time and had some good success.

One of the highlights were that the couple that we are teaching, Diego and Ana Paula went to church and it was like that were all ready members, talking with everyone, their kids loved primary, it was awesome. Then there's a member in our Ward who is kinda crazy and like a pastor and he decided he was gonna visit them so Lowder and I got to their house after lunch before this member and moderated his sermon. haha He means well but sometimes doesn't help a whole lot.
The Bishop here is super animated and just wants us to baptize haha he's hilarious! When we go to the church and he's there he says, "Elders, do I need to start filling the font!? Let's baptize them right now, who is it?" haha It gets us excited to work and makes the members animated as well.

Also this week was the baptism of Yasmin, a member's daughter, she was baptized on her birthday and it was a huge party that was loaded with members from the stake and investigators. The Family is pretty wealthy and so they like to make things real fancy.

Our work here is going great and we love what we are doing! :) Have a great week and read the book of mórmon!:)

Elder Craig:)


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