May 6, 2019


Maui, Hawaii


Elder Jonah Dixon

Would you drink a beer for 1 billion dollars?

What's up everyone!!

So the story behind my title to this week Email is pretty interesting. We went to a members house who makes me and my companion get the "chicken skin". This member isnt the most welcoming... haha anyway we walk into his house to introduce ourselves and the first thing he says to us is "would you drink a beer for a billion dollars?" I sat there for a second and really thought about that one... I'll leave this for you to decide! Would you do it?

His wife is a nonmember and said "I'd drink the beer and repent later" 😂 then the conversation got switched but we sat in his house for about 20 minutes but it felt like an eternity because how uncomfortable we were!

We have 2 baptisms planned for this upcoming Saturday! Their names are Milo and Arial. Milo is 11 and Arial is 9.. they live in low income housing. They are the funniest kids to play with but they can be punks. Milo got all ready for church and said "I'm not coming to church". We didnt take him serious because we were with him waiting for his ride and sure enough when the ride gets there he goes inside. 😂 but his friends came which have a date set in a couple of weeks.

I was finally able to snag some Krispy Kreame last week! Maui has the only Krispy Kreame on all of the islands so I'm tryna take advantage while I'm here. After 9 they are half off so that's our happy hour 😮😏

That about sums up my week! This week we have interviews, Zone conference and our baptisms. Next week I should have more to report on. Until next week! :)


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