April 15, 2019


Hilo, Kona


Elder lacorte


TRANSFER NEWS: I'll be catching a flight to MAUI Tuesday Morning!!! I will be serving in the Wailuku area! A year ago around this time I was on a vacation with my fam bam in Maui.. a year later I will be going back as a missionary. 😏
They also have the only Crispy Cream on all of the islands so I couldn't be more stoked.

My time in Honomu is coming to an end. I served in a branch here so I got really close with the families. It was really sad saying my last goodbyes last night to all the people I've loved for the past 5 months.

Elder Lacorte is going to be trainning a new missionary! Which means he will be considered a "DAD" to that trainee which makes me the "MOM" (im 19 and pregnet😱🤪 lol) hopefully that makes sense cuz I can see if it doesnt it could be really weird.

Prior to Zone conference... all of the missionaries have to write talks on an assigned topic. My mission president picks 4 missionaries to speak at each conference. Last Zone conference I got chosen to give a talk. My Mission President just likes to pick on me I guess and I had to give another talk this ZC. I totally thought I was gonna be off the hook this time so I didnt prepare the best I should have so basically had to wing my 2 minute 😅 He only has 1 more transfter after this so I'll be prepared next time and then hopefully with the New President I'll be safe for a while..

We found a new person to teach who is 4 cousins 5x removed to Joseph Smith. we taught him the restoration and instead of referring to Joseph Smith we just said "your cousin." It was really spirital and he started to get emotional at the end of our lesson.. there was a really cool feeling that Jospeh Smith was proud of us for finding and teaching him. I told him about his "cousins" brief story and man that guy went through unbelievable trials.

Joseph Smith was/is a prophet of this Last Dispensation. The Church is true.



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