March 4, 2019


Hilo, Kona


Elder lacorte

Snow in HAWAII

So I got a lot of new nicknames on my missions like "Elder N" or "Elder Neu". At a pot luck the other day someone called me NUTTERBUTTERPEANUTBUTTER.
Never heard that one before but I kinda like it lol!

So right now our Pad is infested with flies and we have no idea where they came from so were still trying to figure that out. We use our Jesus sandals as fly swatters and they work just as good. Were gonna stick with our slippers until we find something better to use!

We met a new friend we did service for last week that claims he was Obama's drug dealer in High school! I dont know what to believe because Obama did go to high school in Oahu so I'm just gonna believe it so I can say I know Obama's Plug!

This morning we went up to Maunakea to watch the sunrise! It is taller than the highest peak in Utah and technically... the tallest mountain in the world from the peak of the mountain which goes down all the way to the ocean floor. Its 14,000 feet above sea level and theres a road that goes all the way to the summit! I'll take it!

The other day we encountered someone who liked to talk about the bible! Very smart guy and knows his stuff about the bible. We mentioned the Book of Mormon and immediately he said "NO. NOT TRUE.. TOO MANY ERRORS TO BE THE WORD OF GOD" we didnt want to bash so we let it be but I was thinking. You can find errors If you're looking for it. If there are "errors" or "mistakes" they are from man. "It is the most correct book of any book on earth" Joseph Smith said.

When this happened I'm glad that i already established my testimony on the Book or Mormon because I can see how easily it could have shaken my faith! By this experience it actually strengthened my testimony and made me appreciate all of the prophets and people who sacrificed all they had or even their lives just to preserve the records of their people. If this was a false book I dont think people would put so much on the line for it.

Love yall happy March :)


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