February 18, 2019


Hilo, Kona


Elder lacorte

Hotline Bling- 📱week

Happy Monday everyone

I'm sure everyone has heard of the big news so I wont five into that :)

Sorry I was so short last week! It was a busy day!

So a little more information about my Companion is he grew up in middle east. Crowait is what it's called. It's right by Dubai :) I honeslty had no idea where Crowait was until he showed me on a Map.

Elder Lecorte is a beast! I think he might be my favorite companion I've had so far! I've been out only 7 months but I've already had 5 companions in the field!!

A couple of Elders and I are doing a 100 squats for 30 day challenge. Were trying to put some muscles on our chicken legs of ours. We just finished the 30 days on Friday but we have some makeup to do for the Sundays we had to miss!!

Right now we have 5 people with baptism dates right now that we are teaching :) I think only 2 or hopefully 3 will actually be baptized on the day we set for them but the rest will have to be pushed back! A couple smokes arent worth your salvation hehe!

"You can hate the sin but not the sinner"
I heard this quote from another missionary and it put a whole other perspective on everything!

A little background info on the some of the people were teaching..

Rena and Sam. They are siblings.. rena is 14 and sam is 11. Rena has consistently been coming to church for the past 3 months and sam has been going for about 2. Sam is being a little pain in the butt right now. He cant sit still for more than 2 seconds but I would have been the same way when I was his age too I bet. :)

Their grandma- Auntie Louise got baptized in November and they both started coming ever since then. So its starting to become a ripple effect on the family :)

Aunties son/ rena and Sam's dad- Jonas. Said he wanted to be baptized after seeing his mom get baptized. It's something he really wanted at the time but he just wont give up smokes and the law of chastity 🙈 so we have to push his date back a way. Still a great guy!

Kaulana- He is Sister Tajones grandson. (I'll talk a little bit more about her at the bottom of the email) He is 12 and started coming to church when he moved back in at his moms house in the branch boundry. He comes to church with sister Tajone but he has to do chores before he can come to 9 o'clock church.

Back at home it was the other way around for most kids I'm sure so I know I was blessed in that way :P

So being a 12 year old he gets them done a little more than half the time but I have a lot of respect for him because he has to get work done to come to church so it shows us he really cares.

We attended the temple last week and Sister Tajone in our ward gave all the missionary family names and some! Sister Tajone is known for her family history all around the Island Haha shes a Legend for her History work.

She grinds out family history work!! I mean it's something I've never seen before. She has 2 books (each book is probably as big as a dictionary or the Bible) for each of her kids about their life up till she made the books

She also has a remembrance book for each family in her extended family.. there are probably so much more things I'm forgetting but these are the things that I remember.

Anyways, back to my story. The day after we got back from the temple we stopped by her house to tell her we did all of the names she gave us at the temple.

We show up and she went to the ER earlier that morning for some pains she had in her Knee. We gave her a blessing and asked if she needed anything else but I know it Definitely wasn't a coincidence we stopped by.

Rena has a baptism date on Saturday so were praying to make it happen!


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