December 17, 2018


Honolulu west


Elder Sa’au


Yooo what's up everybody!!

This week has been bonkers!!

Like it said in the caption, I'll be catching a flight to HILO on Tuesday. I'm getting out of the Conctete jungle ☺ Nick and Stacey got baptized this weekend and I'll add more details down below!! YAHOOO

Shout out to the THE RUSSELL family!! They popped up at church yesterday!! I got a call from the mission office on saturday saying there was a referral from Laie that will meet us at church on Sunday and the "referral" ended up being the Russell family! It was really nice seeing familiar faces and talking to them! It was a really awesome surprise 😊😊 if you are reading this Russell family I love you and it made my day seeing you guys!

Sorry for being so short last week.. it was crazy busy. We were covering 3 wards and there wasn't any time to come up with a fun email.

So a couple weeks ago the Area 70 cancelled the Daily dinner appointmets with the members.. so we have more time for finding. It has been bitter sweet.

The first 6 weeks here I gained 12 pounds because the members LOVED feeding us.. 😅😬

But ever since we stopped getting fed by members I'm tippin the scale as what I was before Hawaii 😁

Last week I got a new companion for the week and we had to cover 2 English wards and the samoan ward.. it was a little rough around the edges because we are both "Palangi"- it's what the samoans call white people so i picked up that word pretty quick when I would hear it everywhere I went and I was the only white person in the chapel 😂

So the information about the people we baptized on saturday:

Nick is a complete Miricle.... we were walking down the street a couple weeks ago and heard a "HEY ELDERS!!" We turned around and it was Nick.. he literally asked us if he could be baptized!! Complete miricle. He said he took the discussions in the past.. but the missionaries lost track of him and Nick didnt know how to get back in contact with them.

We made sure he didnt get lost this time and we brought Nick to church with us these past 2 sundays and got him baptized on saturday. Sunday he got confirmed AND received the Aaronic Prisethood! He is a very solid guy I'm excited to see what his future holds for him! :)

Wow I dont even know where to begin with Stacy... I wont share too many details over text about my experiences I've had with stacy because I would like to keep them sacred. This experience has been very special to me! :)

Stacy has been though a really really rough life, he has been dealing with very unfortunate family problems and is battling a very serious accident he is trying to recover from right now.

Through all of this... Stacy doesnt show or complain about his weakness or trials he is going through. He doesnt blame anyone else for his oppositions. He has taught me many valuable lessons that has made me become a better person.

He has the most faith I have ever seen come from a person and has taught me more than my companion and I have taught him.

Stacy is the first to become a member in his family. He will receive the aaronic Priesthood next Sunday and we are going to get him a recommend so he can start doing missionary work on the other side of the Vail.

As soon as he was baptized he said
"I'm a warrior for the lord... that's dangerous you know." It was a good laugh but Stacy is going to do so much good on this earth and for the life to come! Hes going to be a huge threat to Satan 😏

I'm excited to head over to th Big island but I will miss Stacy and Nick! They are all SUPER SOLID and excited for both of them.

Hope everyone Is lighting the world and focusing on their family this week! Love you all!

1. This is NICK. He is a great guy but isnt the most photogenic 😂😁

2. STACY :)

3. The Russell fam bam


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