November 26, 2018


Honolulu west


Elder Cade Lewis

living life on the edge.....I’m dangling my feet

Wassupp everyone. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this past week 🦃😊

Thanksgiving was a little different this year.. beside not being with own family this time..We didnt have the traditional Thanksgiving food. We had samoan food for Thanksgiving and I personally am not the biggest fan of samoan food buttttt you just got to eat it anyways 😁 I can say tho that it WAS A FEAST!! There was a ton of food and there was still so much left overs. They packed the heat lol.

I had my first Turkey bowl this year and it was soooo sick. it took me back to my glory days ;) it began as flag football but ended being tackle football. The polys get a little cooperative. Just a little.

The samoan ward had a 2 day basketball/volleyball tourney so They brought a ton of nonmembers so it was a missionary activity they pretty much set up. They had legit refs there and they had the red, blue, yellow and green team it was the real deal!

We had a CRAZY experience this week which really caught me off guard.

Me and my companion were walking around trying to find people to teach.. I didnt know where the apartments were so i asked this old auntie where it was located. She pointed somehwere and said it was in that general direction.

As we were leaving she asked if we could pray for her.. and was said "yes of course" then she started to break down and started balling. We comforted her and started talking to her for a bit and asked her what was wrong.

She said it was her sons funeral today.. and he committed suicide a month ago to the day. (I wont go much into detail) but she also said her husband and her haven't been getting along and said he was inside extreamly sick.

She didnt have a phone so I let her use mine to call her daughter who was supposed to pick her up. Which she didnt know when that would be.

Also, The only teaching pamphlet I had was the plan of salvation so I gave it to her and we left her with a prayer and made sure she was ok.

There were too many things that lined up in the moment for it it not to be a coincidence.

My testimony of gods timing and there are no such things as coincidences grew a lot from this experience.

Another thing that stuck out to me was that we were an answer to her prayer. It could have been anyone but it was us.. the missionaries.

Love you all and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

1-5 Lil hike this morning in Moanalua valley- quick side note, If you hike long enough it takes you to stairway to heaven😏

6. The whole gang. I was on the blue team and took last in volleyball and second to last in basketball :)

7. Our thanksgiving din din 🦃


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