September 18, 2018


Honolulu west


Elder Cade Lewis


This week was a very busy one. We had zone conference and interviews with our mission president. I've been in the mission for 5 weeks now and on the 5th week was the first time I talked with president Bekker. That just shows you how go go go the mission is!

I've given 4 talks in the past week so I'm getting a little more comfortable with public speaking now. 😅
My companion told me a completely wrong topic. we were sitting on the stand and I was like "the topic is a mission experience right?" -cuz that's what he told me. And he was like "no.. it's how has applying the gospel principles helped your investigators life" soooooo I pretty much winged a 10 min talk and i actually didn't do too shabby 😂

We were able to attend Vaifou's baptism Friday and the whole baptism program was in Samoan! Me and my companion had to do a missionary moment and that was the only thing in English! No matter what language baptisms, prayer, and scriptures are in it's all the same:) it was a cool experience!

This Sunday was a really crazy one Haha! It's a mission rule you cant give anyone rides unless it's a Male priesthood holder and so there were like 10 kids that wanted to come to church with us so we had an auntie from our ward pick all the kids up and obviously she didn't have a ten person van so they just piled the kids in the van and they got to church. The kids were wearing swim suits and all kinds of stuff like that. But that stuff doesnt really matter here. They were good for the first hour but after the 2 hour 10 kids under the age of 12 without parents is a recipient for disaster ! They were running around everywhere and this one punk kid was flipping people off and swearing so we decided were not gonna pick them up again unless their parents come 😅

Nobody reads missionary emails so if you made it this far give yourself a pat on the back Haha. So Monday we said goodbye to our bishop because hes leaving today for a 7 week voyage! Transfers end this Tuesday and he will be gone all of next transfer so we said goodbye just in case. But we went over to his house and he is FULL HAWAIIAN!
He is a master navigator and goes on voyages and Is all about hawaiin history! He showed us some ancient hawaiin weapons and some tools they use to smash up "poi"! I've yet to try that still!
He gave me a piece of the sail they used on the "HOKULEA" if you ask any hawaiin what the Hokulea is they will tell you! But it's just a famous traditional Hawaiin canoe!

Hope yall have a great week!

NOFA A! (goodbye in Tongan)


1 Bishop Ellise and his family
2. Elder Fatiau and wardell flexin at the service project
3 the kiddos
4. Ittchy butt. 😂 its tradition to eat here before interviews because it's right by the mission office! Best chicken you'll ever have hands down!
5 and 6 get the strap


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