August 9, 2018


Provo MTC


Tate Matthew Davies


ALOHA amigos! Only 4 more days until were on the islands!! :) wohoo!! Everyone in our district received their flight plans earlier this week so we are all super pumped to finally get goin!!

I've completely forgotten my first name because I haven't heard it in almost a month..when people say Bronson I'm like "who is that? that name sounds super familiar.. he seems like a cool kid" ;) Haha I'm growing into the whole "Elder" thing. Neuenschwander is too big of a tounge twister for the missionaries so they just call me "Newey" or "Elder newey" very rarely I hear someone say the whole enchilada 😂

Yesterday I was able to host the new missionaries coming in this week. It was nice not being the one hugging my family goodbye this time, but i was still hit with some PTSD when I entered the parking garage! Haha.

Elder Adam's (a kid in my zone) received an unusual package this week. His package was from his grandma so he opened it up and in it was a bunch of marijuana wraps and he was shocked because that is the last thing your expecting to get while on a mission 😂
So he panicked and emailed his parents wondering what to do and his parents thought that his email got hacked so they called the MTC. Turns out his grandma forgets what she does and isn't the smartest with technology and accidentally sent it to him. 😂

Me and my companion are still on that volleyball grind! It's starting to make me miss watching the Morgan volleyball team kill every team they play! (Also Shout out to my sis for making the team! 😉 )

One thing I forgot to mention in last weeks email is that me and my companion joined th choir. we have no singing capabilities what so ever but when there are 800 missionries singing at once it doesnt sound too shabby Haha! We sang hurrah for Israel for Brother Richard's at last weeks devotional.. he was apart of the 70 a couple years ago :)

Today i went to the temple with my district and it was so much fun! going to the temple as a missionary and walking around the temple grounds with your name tag on is one of the coolest feelings ever! :)

Hope you all have a good week! Love you all! MAHALO 😎🤙🏝

-Elder Neuenschwander


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