August 2, 2018


Provo MTC


Tate Matthew Davies


"People dont think I know a bum load about the gospel but i dooo...!" Haha I think me and my district have quoted that movie more times than I've blinked. Haha classic. Anyway, ALOHA everyone!! Wow I dont even know where to begin.. so much has happened in just one week! Just wanted to say think you to everyone who have sent me letters and some goodie packages. 😊 speaking of goodies. Elder swenson (a missionary in my zone and a roomate) has a neighbor that is a maintenance worker here so elder Swensons parents send his neighbor with fresh bacon and snacks with him to work every day and delivers it to us so we got the hook ups 😉 we also showed up to the room with a mini fridge sitting on the desk so we take a bunch of ice cream from the cafeteria and stock our mini fridge full of ice cream so we got the system down haha.

Elder Davies, My companion is from west palm beach Florida. He plays sports and is super good at volleyball so during exercise time we play sand volleyball and school everybody Haha it's great for me because I'm his companion and I always make the excuse "I'm his companion I have to be on his team" so I just bump, set and let him do the rest Haha. We get along super well and do very good teaching together.

I see elder hardy almost every day on campus so it's nice to see my ol buddy ol pal once in a while ;) i saw Elder wells yesterday and it's so weird thinking that i was the "newbie" a week ago because after 4 days in the MTC you change from a rookie to a veteran Haha. Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days here. I've come to really love the MTC. Ive met some really awesome people here and have made some awesome memories.

The other day I was picked on to choose a Hymn and I chose the hymn "when faith endures" no one knew it so we had to call an audible and sing eveyones go to "I am a child of God" but the lyrics had a great message. The first verse says "I will not doubt, I will not fear; gods love is always here." The first couple of days here were really hard just with adjusting to the new life style. But if we endure and have faith in the lord he will watch over us. Love you all! The church is true ;) bet you never heard that one before.

-Elder Neuenschwander


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