March 19, 2024


Espoo Finland


Vanhin Kai Rinne

Pretty Darn Good


I hope all your weeks have been good. Mine was pretty busy and our area is doing Pretty Darn Good. We had three splits in a row where we did a lot of finding work here in Espoo and a lot of teaching and we have a lot of friends and potential friends right now. It is probably the most consistent teaching I have experienced on my mission.

Things to report on hmm...
Sorry, I feel like these emails have slowly been getting worse in quality the longer I'm out here so I formally apologize.

Our Sri Lankan family has not been able to meet for two weeks and they did not come to church this week because the wife was sick, so that has got me worried about their progression, but hopefully everything is fine still.
Our friend Jan from Denmark came to church and we did not even formally invite him haha. He just showed up earlier than us and then sat next to some members the entire time and walked out without saying anything at the end of the two hours. We had to chase him out and ask how it went. He said he feels a good heart in church and that it lifted him up that day. That was pretty cool to hear. One cool thing as a missionary is hearing people describe the spirit when they have no idea what they are feeling. It was a pretty darn good day at church.

We also had interviews this week with President LehtinenIt was fun to just get to talk one on one. We haven't gotten much time with them this transfer. But I swear, every time I am supposed to speak good Finnish (esimerkiksi in an interview with your Finnish mission president) my Finnish completely fails me and I do not know how to form sentences. Hopefully I get over that one of these days.

I almost died this week. It was crazy. We were driving on our way to some appointment and we were stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to turn, and we were going left. I was involved in telling Elder Rinne a funny story about this older lady my first transfer that stopped me and my companion and said that the only advice she has for us young whippersnappers is that we should wake up early every morning and eat breakfast right away so our bowels and insides work nice and well. I thought this was hilarious in the moment for some reason as we were talking about breakfast foods, and so I was telling my companion and in the middle of the story, the light turns to a green arrow. Rinne was driving and was too involved in the story and so he realized the light a little late causing our entrance into the intersection to be slightly delayed. Just as we started to move, a car zoomed through the intersection and totally blew a red and we stopped again for a second before continuing on. If we wouldn't have been delayed a few seconds by my dumb story, we would have been t-boned pretty bad in the middle of the intersection. God is in the details. I don't know if He knew that old woman's story would save my life, or become famous on my little email list back home, but either way she got both and I got to keep my life. It was a pretty crazy moment for both of us. I'll be sure to thank her in the afterlife. Also, as an act of respect for this woman and her unknowingly heroic act of storytelling, I invite you all to eat breakfast as soon as you wake up this week, so that our bowels may be all good and well. God is pretty darn good.

Another cool thing that happened this week is we had a lesson with this muslim man who we spoke to in Finnish through an interpreter who translated to some middle eastern language for him. And as we were walking to the lesson the translator asked us what the purpose of this lesson was, and we said we wanted to share a little about our faith and hear maybe some things about his faith as well and so we were worried about getting lectured about why our faith is wrong. But then the lesson turned into them asking us a bunch of questions about Christ, His atonement, and the premortal life. So I would say it was a pretty darn good, overall success.

Welp...That is about it for this pretty darn good week.
If there's any questions, feel free to reach me through this email. I would be happy to expound on any of my adventures.

Spiritual Thought:
I have been reading the scriptures a lot more recently. I have a goal to finish the new testament before the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan, so that has caused me to read more often and in greater quantities. It has been a cool experience to see how my mood changes or my outlook on life. I have noticed a lot more this week how much power the scriptures have when it comes to bringing us closer to God. They invite the spirit into our lives and they allow us to receive insights and answers to questions that we have. Don't take these pretty darn good resources for granted. My second invitation for you all is to make a reading goal for yourself in the scriptures to finish before the end of Ramadan haha.

Love you all!
Vanhin Johnson

Splits Pics
My coat is pretty badly ripped haha (Good thing its warming up!!!)


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