February 21, 2024


Espoo Finland


Vanhin Kai Rinne

It begins...


Another transfer is now officially menossa. This week we had some events that started to make it feel like the transfer is fully under way.

We started off with our first splits of the transfer with the Elders in Haaga. It was a good time and we were able to do a decent amount of work and go to a dinner appointment. The most memorable part was one Elder's long description of his plant based diet and how much energy it has given him. It was super interesting and although I will never forsake the sacredness of biting into a juicy steak, I have been heavily considering redoing my diet.

Then we had Mission Leadership Conference and a general authority from the Europe North area was along to observe. He said we are doing super good as a mission and the area is impressed with the work we are doing in Finland! Paras lähetyskenttä mun mielestä.

Then we had some more splits with the Hyvinkää Elders and that was basically just contacting a few lessons and tracting.

Something cool that happened though was that I met two of my sisters converts this week! The first one I was able to give a priesthood blessing to and she mentioned to me that she knew my sister. Really cool moment. And the second time one of my sisters' other converts came to our ward. Super cool!

Everything else that happened I would preferably want to write about next week because it works better that way...

Anyway! Love you all!
Spiritual Thought:
Missions are cool and God is in the details! God knew that my sister would have an impact in these people's lives and that I would meet them on my mission in the same country. If that's not a testimony of God, then I don't know what is.

Heippa! Ja Hyvää viikkoa!

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