January 30, 2024


Espoo Finland


Vanhin Jacob McArthur


Tervetuloa mun viikoittaiseen sähköpostiin!

I hope you all had a good week. Mine was a little hectic at times. But still fun.

The title is Matkaviikko or "travel week" because we were on a train quite a bit this week. It was the second to last week of the transfer so we went all over for splits.

After pday on Tuesday we headed up to Rovaniemi and had a day with those pojat. It was a good splits. They have actual winter up north and I've been missing it down in Espoo. Espoo has been so warm and the snow is all melting and the world is gray. So it was nice to see some frosted trees and icy roofs. We contacted a bit there and there were so many tourists. I do not know what to do with tourists. They flood the keskus and never want to talk.

That night we went to the Nikka Dinner Appointment which is pretty popular for those that have served in or heard about Rovaniemi branch. I've never seen so many toppings for tacos in my life.

The next morning we went down to Kemi on a train and spent a day with them. We did some service and I watched a dude start a Ford F150 with a portable charger looking thing. I've never seen it before but apparently it replaces jumper cables and doesn't require another car. It was insane! Then we had another Dinner Appointment and ate lasagna and pannukakku!

That night we were on a train down to Hämeenlinna, the land of Hämeen Linna, which is a castle. But not really, but kind of. We had a lot finding that day but it was a good time and we had some super cool success tracting. Overall a really good day.

The next day we went back down to Espoo and most of our lessons we had fell through. It was still a good day though and we got two people to meet with us shortly.

Sunday was insane for this reason! We had a family in church! A few weeks ago we found a family from Sri Lanka and they came to church this week! Dad, mom, and two little girls. The girls thought the baptismal font was a swimming pool and can't wait to go swimming next time they come to church! It was a really cool feeling to have a family walk in and it made me way happy. Eternal families are the goal people!!!

Anyway, other than that I learned my transfer news haha. But we won't reveal that here because there's missionaries on this and transfer calls aren't till Saturday :)

Spiritual Thought:
I studied humility this morning. And the talk I listened to said that those who are humble are more joyful, aware, and able to improve. Those are all good things in my opinion haha, so I'm going to try and work a little on my Humility this next coming transfer. Mosiah 4:11-12 fill yourself with the love of God through Humility!
The talk was "Choose To Be Humble" by Kevin J Worthen.

Our night trains had three story bunk beds
Old train cars were used this time. It was fun.
The portable car charger
Castle of Häm


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