January 16, 2024


Espoo Finland


Vanhin Jacob McArthur

Prayers Answered

Moro porot.
Toivottavasti teidän viikko oli mahtava!

Mine was ihas ok. Basically that is the Finnish equivalent of not amazing but not disgusting. Usually in reference to food haha.
Let's see...what happened? Sorry I gotta check our last weeks schedule real quick. Hetkinen...

Ok I remember now.
We had lots of splits this week as always haha. This week we stayed the whole time in Espoo but had Hyvinkää, Pietarsaari, and Pori come down. All three of these companionships have greenies in them and that means miracles and exciting happenings! New Missionaries are the best missionaries in my opinion. They are so full of faith and excited about their new adventure in Finland and it's super refreshing.

With Hyvinkää we had a lot of contacting and it was good. We got a couple numbers and just got to know them. That companionship is so wholesome and they have a lot of fun.
Pietarsaari then came down and we had a lot of finding with them as well. But it was super good. I was with the new missionary, Elder Palmer, for a while and it was good. We had a huge miracle tracting that made my day. We were in this outdoor apartment complex and no one was answering the door. I started to feel a little unproductive and like we maybe should try a different area. And so I told V Palmer and he said one more door. I was like dope were about to get a miracle. So we turn around and knock. The dude doesn't want it. The next one doesn't answer and the third isn't interested. So we go to the last door in that line of houses and the lady opens and is American!!! She talked our ear off and told us all about Family History and how she would be down to meet and talk sometime. It was so dope! I was giddy like a kid and Palmer was laughing haha. I think it was a good follow the spirit moment for him and I'm so glad he did! Her name is Trish. Ya'll should pray for her.

After Ptown left we received the Pori Vanhimmat and their day was filled with lessons and contacting. We had this really weird and language barrier filled lesson with an Iranian couple and they want to learn more so that's dope!

Sunday was good. Had a DA and I prayed to get along with the family before going in because I was worried and I'm bad at member work, and it was one of the most interactive fun DA's I've ever had. They were so cool and that was a prayer answered.

Monday was full guessed it...OFFICE work. Free me please!
One day I'll be released from the chains of my double monitor train ticket purchasing machine in the office, but for now I've learned to just do it and not to love it but do it anyway because someone's gotta. And then we had pazookies at DC and an awesome lesson with this guy named Tamu from Cameroon. He was so cool and had a lot of cool ideas about the gospel. It was one of my favorite lessons I've ever done.

Other than that the week was pretty simple. We made a new mission goal in MLC of 101 baptisms for the year. A lady gave us free chocolate on the street and revived my hope in the world on a hard night. President mentioned you Jehryn. Get ready! Three weeks! 😁🥶🇫🇮

Spiritual Thought:
This week I listened to a talk by Holland about Angels. I don't know the name because someone else turned it on during comp study. BUT! It answered my prayer and that missionary was an earthly angel for a second. Then like twice more this week people have answered prayers I've had. It's insane! Life is crazy! Ok wait it might be thrice more now that I'm thinking about it. Crazy. So look to people around you and respect what they have to say and be open to stuff as long as it's good and the spirit is present because you never know how God will answer your prayer.

Anyway, love you all! Pitäkää hauskaa tällä viikolla!

Vanhin Johnson

101 Baptisms!
Free chocolate from lady!
Varokaa Luikasta!
Tinfoil hat
Ice Skating with the District


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