January 2, 2024


Espoo Finland


Vanhin Jacob McArthur

Hyvää Uutta Vuotta

Wow, I haven't used that one in a while.

Welp, it's now 2024. Isn't that weird. I remember the days of elementary school writing like 2014 on the paper. Time flies.

This week was pretty good.
After pday and the craze of Christmas ended, life slowed down quite a bit...until we had like four splits in a row. We were pretty tired after that.

The first splits was with some elders from Kuopio. Sadly this was a surprise to us because one of them was going home early and that was the reason they came down. But the leaving elder seemed in good spirits so hopefully everything works out okay.
With them we basically street contacted and had lunch with President Lehtinen. It was a sushi buffet...en tykkää sushista...

Then the next day Turun Vanhimmat came down for a while. We contacted a lot with them as well and the people were brutal that day. Nobody wanted to give us the time of day. I was with a brand new missionary and I could tell he wasn't too happy about how it was going. And I was pretty down too. So I bought us some bread from a street vendor, we took a loop around this trail and ate for a second and then with new resolve went back for the end of the block. And no joke in like 30 min we had four or five numbers in a row basically and had super cool conversations with these people. It was actually insane. And the new missionary was pumped after haha which made me feel good. God saved it for the end and we were so grateful because it felt really cool after a day of nothing.

The next day we went to Haaga and had splits with those elders. I was along for a few Baptismal interviews because the elder I was with is a District Leader and the second guy he interviewed was SO pumped for his baptism haha. He took a lot of selfies. Then we streeted in downtown Helsinki which was actually a first for me. It was a LOT of people and so many tourists. And we were soaked from slushy snow haha. We ended the day by getting some dinner at a pizza shop which was actually pretty good.

Theeennnn, Lohja elders came to Espoo for the next day haha. So. Many. Splits.
We did some contacting and had District council that day. I got to be with my previous comp Elder Schwemmer for a while so that was fun to relive the glory days in Oulu. Also we found a really cool russian lady that wants to learn more which is awesome because there's a LOT of russians in our ward.

Sunday we went to church (which was almost empty because of how many were traveling for New Years) and practiced a musical number with the sisters before going to a members for a snack haha. They played a duet of "Beautiful Savior" on the piano and clarinet for us. It was fun. Then we came home early because we weren't allowed to proselyte in the evening and I watched the fireworks going off all over the city till midnight from the window.

And then on Monday we started the new year with a run in -14 or -18 °C (en muista tarkasti mikä oli). Not my idea but I did it nonetheless. It felt good to run again though. And when we went out for our first block the streets were like a ghost town. It was the emptiest I've ever seen Leppävaara train station. Other than that not much occurred this week.

Spiritual Thought:
This is a pretty typical thought for the new year but I'm sure you've all made some new years resolutions. And they will probably all be broken in the next couple weeks.
BUT! I want you all to do this one thing if possible because it requires a patriarchal blessing haha.
Read yours over and write down a few goals based off of the blessings. What spiritual gifts do you want to develop? What things do you want to more fully understand this year? This wasn't my idea but I got it from another missionary and I thought it was pretty wise.
Anyway, I hope you all have a merry new year and that it's a good one!

Love ya,
Vanhin Johnson

Soaked in the wet snow
Saw the sun this week!
The run in the cold
Me, McArthur, and our guy Adalbjörn.


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