December 22, 2023


Espoo Finland


Vanhin Jacob McArthur

I forgot to write this...

Wow this is late but I don't want to miss a week of my mission...

Last week on pday we went to the Christmas markets in Helsinki. That was a cool experience. We saw all sorts of random little shops and it smelled like Christmas everywhere. Only down side was the 10€ parking garage.

The rest of the week was crazy.
We had MLC on wednesday so all the mission leadership was here and that was a good time. We talked about how to be better leaders basically and ate good soup.

Then we drove to Tampere the next day and worked with those elders. Tampere looks pretty Christmasy this time of year too. Lots of lights and trees and markets downtown.

Not much to report there. After Tampere we drove to Vaasa and had splits there. Those Elders are fun. One gave me a really good haircut. And we had a good experience contacting. We were about to go home, and we decided to walk this one path back toward the apartment. We stopped this one dude and he talked a little while before inviting us to the coffee shop and we chatted for about 45 min with him about God and the Bible and what not. Pretty cool. He wasn't mega interested but it was a nice miracle after a long contacting block.

Then we drove home to Espoo, in time for church the next day and caroling at a home for people with special needs. That was super fun, because I've done some work with people with special needs before and we got to chat with them afterward. I loved it!

Monday was full of meetings and office work and getting packages and cars ready for Christmas Zone conferences.

Spiritual Thought:
Before I write again it will have been Christmas. Take the time to ponder on the Savior and His matchless love for you. Think about His birth in Bethlehem, how humble it was, how difficult and stressful it was for the parents to bring the Savior of us all into the world. You'd think the son of God would get a more fit welcome than some shepherds and a feeding trough for a bed. But His humble birth in my opinion is just another metaphor for his life. How he would descend below it all so that we could be happy. I love Jesus Christ. He is the reason we can have Joy in this life. Remember Him this Christmas!

Love you all!

Vanhin Johnson

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