November 21, 2023


Oulu Finland


Vanhin James Hall

The Little Things

This week...what even was this week haha
I don't know. Time honestly doesn't exist out here anymore. Especially because we only have the sun for like 4 hours a day (behind clouds), it feels like one long day or I guess night.
So I'm gonna try my best with this email.

At the beginning of the week, we went to a place called Pietarsaari. It's basically baby sweden and I felt like I was in a different country the whole time. Everyone be not speaking Finnish there. Kinda weird...because it's in Finland. But all the signs are first in Swedish and I even dared to start conversations in Swedish but I have no clue why because I do not speak Swedish nor does the missionary serving there haha. That was an adventure.

Then, we got home and had a lot of finding. We had this one morning that actually just sucked. Everyone was hard core rejecting us. And I let myself think for a second what's the point, how is there no one out here to find, and then basically the last lady we talked to was interested and we got her number. God slaps me in the face sometimes, but it's really good timing.

Later that week we taught that lady and our recent convert Anna came along as the member on our lesson. That was a full circle moment. Made my week, and I'm secretly hoping if we invite her enough times on lessons that she will want to be a missionary herself...👀

We also had District Council in Rovaniemi. Nothing special there other than the fact that its full blown winter and the forests up north look insanely cool. I also talked to a really nice mummo on the train ride up. I stayed away from the gospel because she gave me the vibe that she really would not have looked at me again if I had, so I was just a friend that time around. It was fun to just talk and practice my Finnish.

Other than that...nothing too special. We had interviews with President Lehtinen yesterday and he may or may not have given me some insight as to what's happening with me next transfer. But transfers are still two weeks away so you all have to wait.

Also, recently I have been a little down because I want more promptings in my life haha
And just yesterday, I got a couple promptings to walk certain paths while contacting downtown and we found a dude who was taught years ago and now has a wife and three kids (not sure that he cares about the church but we got his number anyway) and another lady that is coming to our game night hopefully. Simple miracles but it meant a lot to me.

Spiritual Thought:
The spirit is a funny guy. He's a little quiet, won't vie for your attention, and only talks to you if you devote your whole being to hearing what he has to say. Pretty hard to do. But I've found in my life that it's so worth it when we are able to do that. On my mission I've had time where the promptings flowed and times where I've felt nothing. Both have helped me grow. Wow halfway through and I don't know where this is going. Basically, if it's a good thing, and you think it could be from the spirit, do it. Don't waste time or energy worrying, don't get discouraged if you think you aren't feeling anything. Sometimes we just get a little comfortable. And God has to wake us up so that we can feel the spirit more strongly in our lives again. Also this scripture because it just came to my brain D+C 84:106 "And if any man among you be strong in the Spirit, let him take with him that is weak, that he may be edified in all meekness, that he may become strong also." Help out those around you feel the spirit more strongly if they are struggling. It will grow your relationship with him too. And if any of you don't know what the spirit is, it's the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit and it's a comforter from God with no body that comforts us, or speaks to us from God in times of need or learning or whenever.

Ok! Love you all. Hope this week was awesome and I hope Thanksgiving is amazing. Eat my portion for me. It doesn't exist here in Finland.

Vanhin Johnson

Pietarsaari's colorful houses
The sun was right in the middle of the street! So bright
The Kemi boys
Sininen Hetki in Rovaniemi
Me and Elder Hall being goobers at a members house


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