November 14, 2023


Oulu Finland


Vanhin James Hall

"Hei saanks mä häiritä hetkeks?"

How was everyone's week?

Mine was all over the place again haha
Last pday was pretty fun. We had the whole district in Oulu for a day so we made orange chicken at the church and chilled. It was a good time.

Most of this week was filled with finding efforts. The longer I'm out here the more I realize that that's just how Finland is haha
Not a whole lot of people interested up here in the north pole but there are still those few. Our job is to find them and sometimes it takes a while.

We went to Pori this week and that was good to spend time with those elders. They are doing awesome and have a few people ready to be baptized! God has really been helping us with our mission Baptismal goal recently. A family just walked into church this Sunday down in Tampere and just asked to be baptized! Insane!

After Pori, we had the Vaasa elders come to Oulu. We had some fun with them doing service for some of our members. Lots of wood preparation for Winter time! It's about to get reaaallllyyy cold. The sun is now setting at around 3pm and we hit 7°F tomorrow...

But! We have seen the sun a decent bit this week so that's legit. Always good to get some light from the giant flaming ball in the sky. It's becoming pretty rare these days.

What else...
We taught Anna again this week. She's doing awesome and we were able to have two members in the lesson because one brought a friend! Always good to have actual Finnish speakers along. But ya, Anna is pretty much a full blown member. She just walked into the youth activity after our lesson. So good!

Sunday I gave a talk in church. It was fathers day and I did not realize, because in Finland it's different than in America, but to my relief I had written a good analogy into my talk which featured my dad haha. So it all worked out. And even better! We had a new friend come to church and he was able to hear me speak and we taught him a little bit after in the second hour. He's really cool! Please pray for AJ

Also on Sunday I started to feel pretty sick. Dangit. I hate sickness, and on the mission that means the work slows, and THAT means I go crazy. But! I popped a ton of Vitamin C that day and on Monday I was fine. Prayer and Vitamin C work!

Monday was pretty cool! In the morning we went street contacting and got absolutely denied by like fifty people. Everyone was a no. I was starting to ask myself why we do this so often. I know, stupid question. Because basically the last person we contact is this super nice lady with a cute dog and she said she'd be down to meet and gave us her phone number. God works in mysterious ways haha and that was a much needed miracle.

Later that day, we went back to an older ladys home who said we could come back a few weeks ago. Finally she was able to meet and she let us in and talked to us for an hour and a half. Apparently she used to meet with the sisters in 2015 and still is in contact today! Crazy! We gave her a chapter to read and we're going back Monday. Hopefully it goes somewhere. She also offered to give us free hockey merchandise for the Oulu Team!!!!

Overall a good week. The work is a little slow up here right now but we are trying. Hopefully we can get something going pretty soon!

Spiritual Thought:
The title of my email is "Can I bug you for a second?" It's basically what I say a hundred times a day to people. Me and my companion have talked about becoming robotic on the mission a lot. It seems to happen to a lot of missionaries after so many rejections here in Finland and I've noticed it a lot in myself recently. I hate Mr. ROBOT! There's nothing worse than reciting a memorized phrase to someone on the street when you know how to say more and the message you share is so much more, but at the same time it's hard not to expect a no. So me and Elder Hall have been trying to keep it new. People are individual. And although most say no where I live, that doesn't mean I shouldn't still try to love them and cater the message to them. I guess it's something I'm gonna need to learn for the future. But anyway, I encourage you all to look at people differently this week. Pray to see them as a child of God, and pray to see opportunities to cater to the one this week. I promise you will have some cool experiences. And when you do, send them to me! I wanna hear about them!

Rakastan teitä! Kiitos tuestanne!

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