October 17, 2023


Oulu Finland


Vanhin James Hall

"Wait was that our stop...?"

No hei!
This week was an interesting one.

After Pday last week, well I guess during Pday, we got on a train. And this train was a nightmare. The first train took us to Seinäjoki. Then we transferred to a bus which drove several hours to Tampere. Where we switched again to go to Pasila in Helsinki and then another short train to Leppävaara where we stayed the night with the assistants. The whole journey lasted from 1.30pm to about 9.30pm. So I guess we didn't get a pday haha. And halfway through, our train to Helsinki hit a deer. So we sat for a while on the tracks not moving...gotta love trains.

But ya! The reason we were in Helsinki was for MLC. It was super fun to see some of the missionaries from across the country, and a lot of my MTC group was a part of this MLC so that was dope. We talked a lot about Baptism and turns out we are one of the highest baptizing missions in the Nordics and this is the highest baptizing year for this mission in the last 30 years! Numbers don't mean everything, but our missionaries are on fire! We do baptize in Finland! Please pray for us to find those that are ready!

Then as we were heading up back to Oulu the next night...funny story...
We had a night train and it was all good. We found our room, got settled, and went to bed. But we had to get up at 4am the next day to get to Oulu. So I set my alarm and the next morning it went off like normal, I got up, turned it off and thought, well I can probably shut my eyes for a few more minutes. We still got time...famous last words.
I woke up an hour later, looked at the clock, freaked out, jumped out of bed and ran to check the stop in the cart outside. We had just passed Oulu and were moving toward Kemi. Oof. It was actually pretty funny though.
We got off at the next stop an hour later, it was dark and snowing pretty hard, bought tickets in the snow on a kiosk, and waited in a small room with some other random people for our train haha. I'm down 20€ now but it was a funny experience overall.

Other than that, we've had a few good lessons this week. We have a new Friend Reynaldo that my comp found on Facebook. He came to church and we taught him twice already. He said he wants to know more about the Book of Mormon! Pretty cool!

Also we found a girl named Helmi on the street. She's about Anna's age, and said she'd be willing to meet and talk more. And that she recognized us missionaries from some school presentation she had once.

District Council this week was in Rovaniemi. The bee district is pretty cool! We all get along pretty well and we made Pizzas with the senior couple because it was their last DC. I'm pretty bummed they're leaving. They are by far the coolest senior couple in the mission haha 🤫

Anyway, it's getting pretty cold. Today the frost was there in the morning and just never melted. And everything minorly wet was iced over. It's about to drop down real quick. But I'm excited! I love the snow! Not being cold...but the snow!

Spiritual Thought:
Right now I'm reading in 2 Nephi. And you know what that means...ISAIAH CHAPTERS! Pretty hard to comprehend. But I've been noticing a recurring theme from God. It's all over in 2 Nephi. And it's that God keeps His promises. When he covenants with us, he keeps His end. Sometimes life gets hard, sometimes trials come and we lose sight of what matters. Sometimes we make mistakes and distance ourselves from God. But He always keeps His end. He always does and He always will. And He promises that He will protect His covenant people. There's power in our covenants! Also go to the temple :)

Mutt joo! Kiitos kun luit. Rakastan ja kaipaan teitä!

Vanhin Johnson

If you know you know 😡
Tickets in a blizzard
District Picture
Roasted Makkara today!


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