July 18, 2023


Lohja Finland


Vanhin Ben Woodward

"Fabian...thats stinging nettle...?"

This week was pretty kiinnostava (interesting)...

I think I'm slowly starting to realize just how small Lohja is and consequently most of Finland haha. Being in Helsinki for almost 6 months really skews your view of the country as a whole haha

But anyway, most of this week was spent doing various modes of finding. It's very hard to find people interested here. Most are either in a rush (which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me in this town), chilling at the beach, or just straight up not interested. But the work moves forward!

The biggest success of the week was our new friend Anja. She's from Madagascar and she is so cool. She was a referral from another missionary and she seems pretty elect so far! We taught her the first lesson this week at the church and she seemed really into it. She talked about how she doesn't believe that life can just be over after we die too which is a great transition into our next lesson haha so we are excited for her. Also she showed us these giant trees that grow in her home country. They look super crazy. Go look them up.

We also had splits with the Zone Leaders this week which was good. It's always a party to be with other missionaries and I learned a bit about finding techniques from them which is nice. I need to switch it up a little more often.

We also had several Dinner Appointments this week including one with a member with the last name Douglass. Apparently he's related to my Aunt's sister's husband, so that's fun! It was cool to make that connection. And nice to eat some American style food! Super fun!

Overall, SUPER slow week. But those happen. Ei se mitään. I'm determined to get some Finns out of their shell one of these days.

Oh wait! I almost forgot. Funny story, so me and my comp bought A BUNCH of ice cream cones thinking that we could store them at the church and snack whenever we felt like icecream in the future. Good plan right? Wrong. Turns out our chapel don't got a freezer. And the ice cream was melting and we definitely could have walked to our apartment which is like 5 min away, but we decided instead to print out a bunch of scripture verses and hand out the ice cream with the verses for free haha. A surprisingly large amount of people (even small children) rejected our ice cream. Maybe they could smell that it was Xtra brand. Idk but we handed them all out and got a few smiles and grateful people and it was really fun and worth the absence of icecream for ourselves in the future. I recommend it.

Spiritual thought for the week is about the classic scripture Ether 12:27. Maybe it's because my comp has been talking about it alot, or because this week's been slow, but either way it's an awesome verse. And pretty comforting too. Our weaknesses will become strengths when we come before God, humble and ready to change. I think that's cool. There's nothing more amazing than God's ability to change people. And he can help us when we want to change to be better as well. Trust His plan and give Him your all and He will make something pretty cool out of your life.

Love you all! Hope life is good! I heard summer is coming to an end for all you school goers so soak it up! Hei hei!

Vanhin Johnson

Cool field
Ice cream!
Food at the Douglass house
Raspberries are popping up now too!
Our friend Fabian thought that this plant wouldn't sting him if he touched it (after i said it totally would...I speak by experience) so we totally grabbed it and his hand was in pain for a little while after haha.


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