July 4, 2023


Lohja Finland


Vanhin Ben Woodward

Never thought I'd say it but...

Tää viikko oli ihan hauska.
We did a lot of random stuff this week and had a few surprises come our way as well.

To start off, Pres and Sis Lehtinen are officially the real deal. We had a meeting on Sunday that was kind of like an introduction meeting and a quick overview of their lives. It was cool to get to know them a bit. I was supposed to conduct but our bus drove past our stop so we were late and we walked in with wet suits because it started to rain haha. Good times.

We also spent some time with members this week, a decent amount. We had a Dinner with the Riihikoski family and we played a game with them and ate food. Sisar Riihikoski made Korvapuustia for dessert! Then we also went over to Niilo Kervinens house again for pizza and his kids forced us onto the trampoline a few times haha.

Niilo also took us on a ride in an unmentioned mode of transportation that typically takes place on a body of water called a järvi and goes really fast. I don't honestly know if it's allowed but we went because at that time he was the mission president's son.

We did a few moves for people as well. One lady was kind of inactive but she bore her testimony on Sunday about how she has been so grateful for the help and knows this church is true and she has been coming to church now. Kinda cool!

Our friend Mati is still going strong. He loves church, he's a good active member, and he's happy. All food things.
Also, our friend Johanna is getting baptized this Saturday and she's so ready. She quit coffee basically in a day and said that once she makes a decision she doesn't go back on it. She's excited to be a member! Should be an awesome day!

Ok now for the big news. Never thought I'd say it but...drumroll...I'M LEAVING MARJANIEMI! Kind of surreal still. It's all I've known in Finland really. Basically we got a call on Lehtinen's first day of being President and he said I'm getting emergency transferred to a small place called Lohja because there's only one Elder there now for reasons I don't know if I can disclose. But anyway, I'm going to Lohja. It's not very far from Helsinki and in the Southern Zone of the mission still, but it's way small and the branch is small and it'll be fun to see somewhere new. Overall, I'm excited. It's a bummer to leave all the members though. I bought a book and started passing to my favorite members and telling them to write their testimonies.

But ya. So that's happening in about an hour and a half. The APs will pick me up soon. Mutta joo.
That's about it for this week.

My thought for the week is about prayer.
In Enos 1:4 it says that Enos cried unto God in mighty prayer. I don't really know what that means but we'll go with the synonym sincere prayer. Haha. One thing I learned recently is to clear your head completely before praying. Don't have anything "extra" on your mind. And then speak sincerely to God. It will be a lot easier to distinguish between your thoughts and His answers and you will feel a lot more peace. I've tried it this week and IT WORKS! So try it! If it doesn't work, complain to the Finnish institute teacher in Espoo. It was his idea haha. Just kidding. But I know that God wants to hear from us and he's waiting to. So talk to Him and He will bless your life so much.

Rakastan teitä!
Vanhin Johnson

Unmentioned mode of transportation
Cool pics
Sisar Karppinen
Veli Malmsten and kids
This bird flew next to my face in really hard wind and didn't move for like five seconds so it gave up and landed on this trash can.
Rolled ice cream. Pretty mid
Mati's W.W.J.D. bracelet.


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