June 13, 2023


Marjaniemi Finland


Vanhin Niko Gamett


Miten menee? Toivon että kaikki on kunnossa! Mä rakastan ja kaipaan teitä!

This week was good. We saw lots of miracles and felt the spirit a lot.
Last Pday we taught a lesson to someone named Johanna. She's so legit! She is super interested in the gospel and is the best at listening and actually responding with how she feels about things. I love when people show real genuine interest! It's super hard to find sometimes in Finland!

We also taught someone a little later in the week named Taimi. She's 19 and Finnish and I can't believe anyone that age cares to talk to us. Both her and Johannas lessons were the most text book restoration lessons I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of and they are both for sure going to progress well. I'm excited!

We also were able to go to this old couple's house this week in the ward named the Friströms. The husband built the house with his own two hands and they had ten kids together. Kind of crazy. You don't see that too often in Helsinki nowadays haha.

The crowning event of the week was...BAPTISM! Our friend Mati was baptized this week and I had the opportunity to perform the ordinance. I was so grateful and excited and I felt so much joy right after that. So grateful for covenants and the opportunity we have as missionaries to share joy with people.

Right after the baptism was a ward grill at the church too so that was legit. Always good to see the ward and Johanna came to both the baptism and grill so it was just an awesome day.

Yesterday we went with Mati to the temple and had lunch on the grass. It was KFC and so the whole thing felt oddly American. But ya it was awesome. I love the peace of the temple even if you are just on the temple grounds. We hope to go inside with him very soon!

My spiritual thought for the week is about Patriarchal Blessings. They are from God. I read mine this week when I was having a rough morning and it changed my perspective a lot. I challenge you guys to read it if you have it or get it if you don't. It is personal Scripture from God and it guides you throughout your life. And you won't ever regret getting it! And there were two talks about it in conference. And they are just awesome!

Anyway! Rakastan Teitä! Olkaa kilttiä!

Vanhin Johnson

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