April 25, 2023


Marjaniemi Finland


Vanhin Lance Entrekin

Friends, Music Videos, jne.

This week was pretty solid. We ended up finding three new friends to teach and that's always good. Not complaining.

The first one is named Mira. I think I mentioned her in the last email but we're excited for her to progress.

The next guy is named Juho. I also mentioned him but we met again and have officially picked him up as a friend. He's super scientific and looks for any fault in our lessons to pick out and talk to us about, so we were minorly on edge to meet with him again, but we decided to be very frank and say it straight and it went super well. He only had about two or three things to say the whole lesson and after we answered he literally couldn't think of anything else. I think the spirit gave him a stupor of thought or something. But ya, we're going back so that's a good sign :)
My goal is just to be his friend and show him love from God. I'll keep ya'll updated on that one.

Our other friend that we started teaching this week is named Hoa. I found him contacting and told him about the Book of Mormon. He agreed to meet later because I didn't have one with me. We met later that week, gave him the Book of Mormon and he's so sincere about learning more it's awesome! Can't wait to see him progress as well!

We also filmed a music video this week. I played piano for it, and was really nervous but I didn't screw it up too bad. It was a mash up between Come Thou Fount and If You Could Hie To Kolob. Overall, I'm just happy I got to touch a piano to practice for the last couple weeks. Always a plus.

Another cool thing that happened this week had to do with the Gift of Tongues. IT'S REAL. We were walking down the street and we stopped this one lady and I could no joke understand a ton of what she was saying and answer back surprisingly easy. It blew my mind. I know God blesses us with gifts through the spirit when we really need it. We had a really good conversation about the Plan of Salvation with her and got her number. She might come to church one of these weeks!

Other than that, we did some street contacting, knocking, and so forth.
Also just got back from the forest. It's always fun to just forget you're in the middle of Helsinki every once in a while. And Finnish forests are so nice!

My spiritual ajatus this week comes from Mosiah. This week I read about Abinadi. He's pretty cool. But what he says is cooler. When he's taken before the priests of King Noah, they question him and try their best to trip him up and everything in between. But in Mosiah 12:19 "he did withstand them in all their questions, and did confound them in all their words." Reminds me of our lesson with Juho this week. Sometimes it feels like some insurmountable task is ahead of us, like the odds are not in our favor (xD Hunger Games) but with God we can withstand the pressures of the world. We can be given the power to be bold in the face of adversity. God loves us, and that's powerful, so use it.

Anyway, that's all for this week. Oh wait, there was also this lady that called our message a presentation of darkness and visibly flinched when I asked if I could read a verse from the Book of Mormon. That was funny. Haha, have a good week everyone!

Rakastan teitä kaikkia!
Vanhin Johnson

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