April 4, 2023


Marjaniemi Finland


Vanhin Lance Entrekin

"Summer is the best day of the year!"

Hei kaikki!
Miten menee? How's it going?
This week has been pretty packed with activities which is always much appreciated. I love being busy on the mission.

After transfer day, we started right away with activities. The night of transfers, we got invited to hang out with a member of our ward and some departing missionaries which was a lot of fun.

The next day we had a lesson with our friend Nihat from Turkey. He said he's read some of the Book of Mormon, and remembered a lot of the Plan of Salvation, so he is officially a decently progressing friend! Unfortunately, he lives in Espoo so we might need to hand him over to some closer missionaries. Seems like every friend this area produces has to be handed over to another ward at one point or another...

We also did a lot of service hours this week which was fun. We had a member call us out of the blue to help her move some stuff to her storage unit because someone in her apartment complex flooded a whole lot of other people's homes by accident..., we also helped a member move to a different home, and worked twice at the Food Bank in Myllypuro. Service is awesome!

We actually had quite a few lessons this week. Other than Nihat, we met with Mati from Egypt, Khalid from Somalia, and Kamil from here but his parents are from some random country by India that doesn't exist anymore. It was nice to get a fair amount of teaching in!

As for the title, I was participating in fun Finnish traditions with some members this week and we were discussing Summer in Finland. One member said it's the best day of the year because of how short it is compared to the cold months. I thought it was a pretty funny joke...until I realized how much cold I have to experience in the next 18 months haha.

Other than that, the week was filled with street contacting, showing my new comp the area, and enjoying life as a missionary. Oh and this one little event called GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!

SO AWESOME! I love conference and as a missionary it's just better. Sorry for all you non missionaries out there haha. Mati came to a couple watch parties and he loved it. He's really getting anxious to be baptized. I hope we can make it happen as soon as possible.

Spiritual Thought for the week comes from Conference. I loved a lot of quotes from it but here are a couple

Elder Stevensen: "They Know you, love you, and want you to find your way back Home, with a capital H."

Elder Oaks: "We believe in Christ."

I love these and I think they go well together. God loves us and he wants us Home (with a capital H), so He sent His son, Jesus Christ to pay the price of our sins and ultimately die for us, so that we can come Home. Like Elder Oaks said, we believe in Christ, and because we believe in Him, we believe that God and Christ have a plan for us and if we follow that plan, we can make it Home at the end of all this craziness in the world. So simple, but so perfect. Like my sister always said in her emails, "we are all just walking each other Home." Haha now I get to do that Kenley.

Mä tiedän että teillä on Vapahtaja. Hän on Kristus, ja hän kärsi ja kuoli teidän puolestanne. Hän haluaa että sä voit löytää kestävä iloa tässä elämässä, ja on Hänessä. Seura Häntä ja lupan että löydät iloa. Seura Häntä ja lupan että löydät rauhaa. Seura Häntä ja lupan että sinun elämä on ihmeellinen. Hän rakastaa sinua. Ja mäkin!

Vanhin Johnson

Me and the comp
Ran into a friend from High School (and she's serving here)
Mati part 1
Mati part 2
Finland just has a little bit of Forest in the middle of the city. Makes me want to see what it looked like before the city.
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