March 28, 2023


Marjaniemi Finland


Vanhin Evan Wight


This week has been all over the place. Since last Pday, so much has happened.

We went to an outlet last pday and checked out all of the popular European brands. I can confirm that even at an outlet, they are way out of my budget as a broke missionary. Maybe one day haha

This whole week we've been expecting transfer news and so we were treating everything like it was a last. But I'll get to that later.

One cool thing that happened this week is that me and Elder Wight reached our goal this transfer of handing out 75 BoMs to the somewhat closed off people of Finland haha. We actually got to over 80 this week, so that was a real win for us!

There was this talk that I read that the APs sent us missionaries about becoming a consecrated missionary. A big part of the talk was that we need to talk to everyone. And that means everyone, when we have the opportunity. I've been pretty bad at that this transfer, but the day I read the talk, I decided to try it out. We literally talked to so many people one right after the other, and miracles happened. Several people cried to us about how God is so important to them, we handed out a good number of Book of Mormons, and one lady even gave me food. Like legit out of her bag. I was shocked, and thanked her.

Then, like two minutes later we were walking and offered the food to another guy who was super grateful. Apparently we had talked to him before once already but this time he listened more. He said he wants to know the truth from God, but he doesn't know if he's ready for the answer. Sad, but understandable, and God will continue to prepare him. One thing that he said at the end was he's happy we're here. Meaning us missionaries in Finland. And usually the best we get is "meh I guess it doesn't bother me that you're here." Crazy how God can work in people's hearts!

We got Pho with our friend Hau from Vietnam this week. Pretty solid food, and I recommend it. We were able to teach him some of the Restoration in the restaurant and give him a Book of Mormon! I hope he continues to progress!

We also got to go to the temple this week. I did the session in Finnish which went a lot better than I thought it would. I love the temple and the peace it brings. Go there this week if you have the chance!

Ok last story before the transfer news...honestly just testing your patience right now haha...but our district leader told us about this bakery in mini arabia across from a big mall in our area. So we went there, and because of Ramadan there were so many people. We walked into this bakery filled with people and stood in the back awkwardly. Then the worker at the counter saw Wight and said "Mitä haluat?" To which Elder Wight responded "um...leipä" and then this Arabic guy slams this huge bag of bread on the counter and says "OK viisi euroa." So we bought two that day and have eaten too much bread this week. So much for so little. We couldn't refuse.

Ok so transfers...I AM...staying here haha. Not the most exciting, but it'll be fun to really get familiar with the ward and people here in Marjaniemi. And my new companion is a pretty experienced missionary, so that'll be fun to learn from him. It's been kinda weird to watch the last 9 weeks come to a close, but here we are.
It's been so cool, and I can't wait for another transfer of miracles. God is good.

My spiritual thought for the week is about the temple, or just holy places in general. Go find somewhere you can feel peace. The world's crazy guys. And being in the bustling city of Helsinki for the last two months has made me kinda want some peace and quiet. The Temple was a perfect place for that. It is the house of the lord, it is a house of the Spirit, and it will be a protection from the world when you need it. GO TO THE TEMPLE! Even if it's just the outside of one. I promise you will feel God's peace there.

Rakastan teitä!
Vanhin Johnson

Helsinki Outlet
Pho with Hau
Goofing off haha
Mä rakastan temppeliä!
So all the snow was melted and the world was warming itself and I was so pumped for spring, and then this thing in Finland called Takatalvi happened which means literally "back winter." Don't ask me why this happened but now everything is white again, so we found a forest in the middle of the city and had a cool last pday activity in the winter wonderland. This is the Finland I've been wanting to see!


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