February 7, 2023


Marjaniemi Finland


Vanhin Evan Wight

Mosques, Walks on the Beach, and Sunbathers

Hei Kaikki! Tämä viikko oli hullu.

This week was so crazy. A lot went on.
On Wednesday last week, we went on splits. We went to Sörnäinen for the day with the Zone Leaders. My comp was low key sick as a dog and so we spent a lot of time inside. Did some Facebook work and then at night we got out of the house and went to a lesson with one of their friends. It felt good to teach a full sit down lesson! Haven't done that in a while. It's hard to get people here to commit to sit down and have an actual lesson. We also got to go to Institute in Haaga that night after the lesson and that was fun! There were lots of people of different faiths and we had different lessons on how to build relationships between people of different faiths.

Then the next couple of days we did a lot of street contacting. We also had interviews with President Kervinen and district council where we made Crepes! That day was super fun! And Pres K is such an inspired guy it's insane. God endows his mission presidents with power, that's for sure.

We also went to this place called Vuosaari this week. There's a cool beach front there. All the sand was frozen but we took some pictures and then when we were walking away, we saw a woman and decided to talk to her. About five seconds into the conversation we realized it was not a woman. Let's just say we were not expecting that and me and Vanhin Wight talked about how we meet the most random people on the mission.

Another crazy thing that happened this week was that we met this Muslim guy on the streets and he talked to us for a while. I actually understood most of his Finnish and it was cool that I could finally contribute to a conversation. Then he legit invited us to come to the Mosque with him. So random. We followed him to the Mosque, had to take off our shoes and wash our hands and feet and then we prayed with the Muslims there. It was kind of a cool experience. Some guy that looked really hard-core Muslim came up to us and probably was trying to convert us to Islam haha. He talked a lot about their beliefs with us. It overall was really good because a ton of people we talk to are Muslim and it was a good insight into their culture and beliefs.

The last funny experience of the week was at the Metro station, we met these two kids who were standing on top of a curb in the sun with their eyes closed just taking long deep breaths and smiling. We asked them if they liked the sun, and why. Then related that to the gospel and prayed with them right there next to where their bus was coming. It was so funny, and they had major hippie vibes. Seriously, the mission gives you the most random experiences haha.

My spiritual thought for this week is about Light. We've been talking a lot about how Christ is the light to people this week and the sun has been out a lot lately down in the south of Finland. One thing I always say to people in my limited Finnish is that Jesus is the light because he allows us to see. I love that statement because it shows just how important He is in this life. The adversary will try any tactic imaginable to cloud your mind, surround you with mists of darkness, and distract you with worldly desires. But when we focus on Jesus Christ, it all clears up. Everything becomes simple. Everything becomes good. We can see again. I don't know why that's so cool to me, but it is. One singular person can cause so much peace. One singular person can show us exactly the way we need to go. I love my Savior, because he is my light. He lets me see clearly in a world that doesn't want me to. And that's amazing to me.

Jumala Rakastaa Teitä! (Ja mäkin)
Vanhin Johnson

Vuosaari Beach
Cool sunset
Half the District
My comp slipped and we died laughing
Met someone my grandpa taught on his mission. She bore her testimony about how much missionary work is good and how families can be together forever and talked about how grateful she was for Garry Johnson, as I'm literally sitting there in the congregation. So cool! Then she called me out and said Garry Johnson's grandson is here right now! Haha I love being a missionary!
This one's for Dani and Jehryn. Pasila! Love you guys!


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