January 31, 2023


Marjaniemi Finland


Vanhin Evan Wight

Anteeks ett valehtelin...mutt oon Suomessa!

Hei kaikki!
I wanted to start this email by formally apologizing to all those people that found out on Facebook or are finding out right now that I made it to Finland! Sorry I couldn't tell you in person. I've been keeping this a secret for a while so I could surprise a few people, and let me tell you the reactions were totally worth it. So ya, sorry I totally lied to a ton of you guys, but I had to keep the secret nice and safe haha. Please forgive me :)

This week has been insane! I flew out of Ohio last Monday and that was wild. Said bye to some of the best missionaries there are, and got on a plane to Detroit. Shoutout to Elders Johnson, Petersen, Cline, Bennion, Burningham, and so many others. Kill it in Ohio and baptize nations!
When I got to Detroit I met up with another Elder going to Finland and we then flew to Paris. I heard so much French. Then we had a bit of a long layover, and saw some other missionaries going to Slovakia who I saw like my last day in the MTC. That was wild to see them again heading out to the field. And then we hopped on the plane to Helsinki!

The Mission President, his wife, and the APs took us to dinner and then to the mission home after we arrived, and I was just so happy to be in Finland! I still am! I have like a moment every day when I realize that I'm here and I get way too excited all over again. I love this place.

My first area is called Marjaniemi. It's basically a suburb of Helsinki, so I didn't go too far from where I stayed the first night haha. But I love it here! I actually went to the Marjaniemi ward when me and my grandparents and cousins came here last year in March so that was a crazy moment of nostalgia sitting in church this Sunday.
My comp is Vanhin Wight and he's so cool. Literally speaks fluent Finnish and he's been here 4 months. It can be done!

This week has mainly been a lot of street contacting and getting to know the area. I love just walking around and seeing things and people and cool buildings. We've found a few really cool people that have some real potential! I'll write more about them next week, but it suffices to say that I'm excited to see where this next week goes.

Overall, I'm pumped to be here. Can't wait to learn more Finnish! Can't wait to meet more people! And can't wait to experience Finland as a missionary! The spiritual thought I've got for this week is that God knows what we need. I have seen so many reasons for my reassignment this week it's crazy. In Ohio, I got a lot of teaching experience. People there are just more open to talking, and so I learned a lot about teaching, how to use the scriptures, and all that fun stuff in English. It's been so cool to see that whenever we get an opportunity to teach in English, the words just come! The scriptures are just there. And hopefully I can translate that well into Finnish eventually. Trust God, and trust that he has a plan for you. Because he does, and I've seen that. He knows what's best, and if you let Him, He'll change your life. And to all those missionaries in Ohio, you guys rock and thanks for changing my life for the better!

Rakastan Teitä!
Vanhin Johnson

Plane Pic
Out to eat before heading to the area
It snowed!
This dog was like the size of Grandpa Johnson's hand
Ran into some of my favorite people randomly this week. Miracles are legit!
Some scenic photos of Helsinki


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