January 9, 2023


Pickerington Ohio


Elder Kenton Johnson

Pickerington on mahtava!

Moika mun ystävät! Kaipaan teitä!

This week was so weird and the last email came right before transfer day which was Thursday, so there's not a lot of stories yet.

But here it goes!
I got transferred to Pickerington! Not sure if I said that in the last email but if I did here it is again! And let me tell you, this area is so cool.

The areabook on the other hand sucks so bad. Whoever was here before us left it a mess. For those that don't know what an area book is, it's how we keep track of our people that are interested and actually progressing toward baptism. Super cool. But not cool when you have almost 50 people that are marked as interested but won't contact you we've been going through those everyday hoping to get some sort of handle on who we should be teaching haha. We doubled in (both me and my comp are new to the area), and so it's been a wild ride for sure. A fun one though.

Also, our new apartment is like one of the nicest ones in the mission, and had a ton of food just left here. That was a blessing for sure!

Last funny thing is that my new comp is also Elder Johnson. We don't know what President was thinking. Everytime we tell someone they think it's funny or ironic or whatever. Everyone comments on it. But he's a really cool guy, and an awesome missionary. Can't wait to see how this transfer pans out.

Finally, I wanna tell you all about a family here. Their name is the Jauns (pronounced yawns), and they are quite possibly some of the coolest people ever. It's a mom, dad, and ten year old boy, and they were all baptized together last transfer. They love the missionaries, and are so strong in the church it's insane. Like literally they were baptized last week and the parents hold callings and the son and mom both bore their testimonies in church yesterday for fast Sunday. And they said they are without fail feeding us twice a week. I love them!

And bonus! The ward mission leader told us last night that we'll probably get fed every night if we set up a meal calendar for the ward. My last area was not like this haha! Anyway, Pickerington is blessed.

Spiritual thought for this week: Press forward with a steadfastness in Christ having a perfect brightness of hope. Last transfer I had a rough go for the first few weeks. It was an adjustment not getting to go to Finland, and it was an adjustment being in Cleveland of all places around the world (nothing like AZ haha). But I learned that nothing hard can overcome us if we press forward with a steadfastness in Christ with a perfect brightness of hope. The second I started looking at my situation with new eyes or Jesus Goggles, trying my best to be unified with my companion, and trying to see the good or miracles in every situation, so many more miracles came. I honestly think that Shaker Heights will get at least 2 maybe up to 3 baptisms within the next transfer or two. And I trust that more miracles are on the way even if there are hard times ahead. Proverbs 3:5-6. Give it all to the Lord and he will direct your path.

Love you all so much! Keep being my favorite people.

Vanhin Johnson

My empty desk in Shaker :(
New comp!
Dirty river
We have so many Geese in our backyard
Cool bench pick from the backyard (behind our apartment complex...we don't have a full on house haha)
Enzo Jaun! Coolest kid!


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