December 19, 2022


Mayfield Heights Ohio


Elder Logan Hatch

Santa said no...

Hyvää Iltaa kaikki!
Tämä viikko oli hyvää! This week was super cool.
Sorry in advance for the lack of detail but my brain right now is not working and refuses to recall anything at the moment.
But this week I started to get really excited about the work! It's been crazy to see how God works miracles that you don't always expect.

First off! We invited our friend Latasha to be baptized! We legit had one lesson with her and me and my companion (after talking about it later) both had the same prompting to invite her to be baptized. She said yes! She is progressing really fast and we're excited to keep working with her. She didn't come to church though yesterday, so pray for us on that one haha. She loves the gospel and loves learning.

Funny story 🤣
We were teaching her at her house, and there was a knock at the door mid lesson. She got up to get it, and Elder Hatch yelled to her jokingly "Don't open it! It's the Jehovahs Witness!" .............guess who it was........
Anyway, long story short, they saw us cause Latasha invited them in and the one guy was super uncomfortable seeing us just chilling in the living room. They left after a while because Latasha wasn't super interested (thank goodness) and when she came back and sat down we all went crazy about what had just happened. XD good times!

Also, another crazy thing that happened was training visits. I loved it! It was so cool to see how another missionary does missionary work. There's lots of approaches out there, and it was fun to have a day that went a little different. We found this guy named Xavier on the training visit.

Me and Elder Hatch went back a day or two later and Xavier said he loves the BoM and is trying to get into it more. The only issue is he can't drive and doesn't have a readily available ride, so we can't get him to church easy either. We'll see how it goes, but he's the coolest guy ever and about Brocks age.

We got in contact with another Latasha. Not to be confused with other Latasha. I guess the missionaries just happen to find all the Latashas. Anyway, we stopped teaching her a while ago but then got a text that she had been in the hospital which we were totally in the dark about. We were able to go visit her and she seems to still be interested!

The ward Christmas party happened this week. It was legit, and one of the members brought two of his nonmember friends! So cool!

Anyway, spiritual thought for the week. How can we be happy amidst trials? Like seriously happy? Idk about you guys, because there's a lot of different methods out there but one that's worked for me is service. I can't tell you how much closer I've felt to God in any other time of my life than when I'm serving His children and trying to bring them to remembering Him. If you're struggling with something, want to make a change, or just need some extra light in your life this Christmas, go serve someone. It may be easier for me because that's what I get to do 24/7, but I promise that if you try and you're intentional about it, God will give you an opportunity. Pray for Charity, read about Christ, and go help someone. Right now. I challenge you to serve someone right now. I've had so many times this week where I've felt so happy because I simply reached out, or helped someone realize the truth that is this gospel. Go do it! Don't regret not doing it!

I love you all! Have a Merry Christmas! And spread the light!

P.S. thanks to Mom Dad and fam for the decorations! Made my week!

P.P.S. Also email back if your lip has ever been so cold that it goes numb and you can't talk or smile right. That happened to me today haha.

P.P.P.S. I forgot to explain that the title comes from a man we knocked into today that looked remarkably like Santa Claus and but totally rejected us haha. Must've not been the real deal.

Vanhin Johnson

Training visits haha
Latasha the first one
Cool street pic
It snowed! Finally!
Christmas decorations
My goofy frozen lip smile xD


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