December 12, 2022


Mayfield Heights Ohio


Elder Logan Hatch

People people and more people

Hei kaikki!
This pday has been kinda busy so far so sorry this is later than normal.
This week was so awesome. Way better than last week.
We have Zone Conference which was so awesome! It was my first one and there was lots of music so that's always a plus. We played lots of Christmas themed games (my district won a pizza party haha felt like elementary school), listened to a Christmas story, and we got these super cool sweatshirts from Pres and his wife. I'll put a pic in the bottom.

Okay so I was thinking this week that you all are maybe wondering about who the heck I'm teaching. I haven't really talked a whole lot about the people. So here it goes:

Paul: We met Paul this week and the minute we knocked his door, he opened it recognized us, let us in, got his coffee and listened to our message. Kinda crazy. Apparently Hatch has talked to him before in the street but totally forgot about him.

Lisa, Driyah, Fatima, Ky'shari: This is a grandma her daughter and her two granddaughters! Lisa (the grandma) was a woman Hatch taught on the West side of Cleveland but then she fell off the face of the earth and we happened to knock into her. Crazy! She came to church this week, and brought Driyah her granddaughter. Fatima and Ky'shari are not really that interested. Ky is also like 5 so that's why. She does love the missionaries though. Anyway, cool family and I'm excited to see what comes of it!

Kay and Fam: Kay is a 7th Day Adventist that we met tracting the other day. She was super intrigued and texted us back immediately after we left. We were so pumped to meet with her again but she wasn't home. Hopefully she gets in contact again! She has a whole dang family that might listen if we can just get in contact. They need the gospel!

Grady: This guy is kinda crazy ngl. He got beat over the head with a hammer not that long ago and he lost memories and things and is not all there, but he likes talking to us. He has this super weird view of the world and brings up real life zombies a lot for some reason. Also this is the guy with the thick Rottweiler haha. He's fun, we just need to get him to recognize the spirit.

Latasha: We got her referral last night and decided to stop by today. She opened the door and was so excited to see us! She was all like "Hey I just did that (that being the ad) last night!" And she excitedly set up a return appointment. So awesome!

Anyway, it was a cool week, with lots of miracles, and lots of exciting new friends we were able to find. There was one sick day because Elder Hatch got an uncontrollable cough so I just read scriptures and did Facebook all day haha.
Anyway, kind of a different email but it was fun to write about my peeps out here in the Hood. Here's a scripture that I really love!

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

We shared this with a lady on her porch and she loved it. I love it to. Focus on the peace that the gospel brings. It is so much better to turn to God than to try to find peace elsewhere where you know it's already temporary. I love you all, thanks for reading, Merry Christmas Season, ja Jumala Rakastaa Teitä!

Pizza! Jehryn that ones for you! We're doing this all the time when we get home...
Sweet sweatshirt
Cringe pic of me in the Hood
Cat that followed us while tracting
The District, ha ha


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