November 28, 2022


Mayfield Heights Ohio


Elder Logan Hatch

Drody Bane in the Hood

This week has been a crazy week.
The last few days on the MTC were so weird having final classes and goodbyes.
And it was even more sad when I found out I would not be going to Finland with my group.
It's been awhile since I emailed because my PDay changed to Mondays, but here's what happened. The last few days of MTC, me and the other guys without their visas were going into panic mode not having them yet. One of the Elders decided to call the Mission Travel Office, and got word that our visas might be here on time. I decided to email the lady in charge of my paperwork and she said that my visa was there. Yay! But that they had spelled my name DRODY instead of BRODY, so I couldn't go to ya. I was immensely depressed about that one for a while. So now I'm here in the OCM (Ohio Columbus Mission).

I woke up at 3a.m. on Monday last week to go to the airport, which was a crazy experience not knowing anyone around me for a while. I had to make some friends with the other reassigned missionaries, and they became my makeshift district for the solid half a day we were together.
When we arrived in Ohio, we met the mission president and his wife, the APs, and a bunch of missionaries originally assigned here. It was a fun night, and we met all the senior couples here who made us some pretty good fried chicken for dinner. Then in the morning, we were assigned our first areas. I'm in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Honestly, I still don't really know where I am. Just that it's close to Cleveland, and I'm doing missionary work in the Hood.

My first day with my trainer, Elder Hatch (who happens to be 6'7"), we went to the sketchiest neighborhood I've been to...ever haha. Honestly did not expect to be here, but here's some miracles that have been so cool to see:

1. That sketchy neighborhood night one, when our appointment fell through, we were walking down the street to another house, and a lady stopped us to say that she recognized us from TV. We gave her a Book of Mormon (my trainer did all the talking haha), and she told us basically all her life problems. This doesn't happen often, but no joke the love that God felt for her in that moment flooded through my whole being and I wanted to help her so bad. That's why I am a missionary.

2. I got to give my first priesthood blessing out here in the field to a man named Alfred. He's an old guy and is so hard to understand when he talks, but he is so awesome. He got hit by a car or something before I got here, so the sisters told him about blessings, and I got to do it. I LOVE BLESSINGS! It's so cool to feel God use you, and afterward I was just trying to keep myself from grinning ear to ear while he was talking to us. He said "it's kinda like that warm feeling all over." I LOVE ALFRED!

3. On Thanksgiving, we had the opportunity to bring a meal to a 98 year old lady in the ward named Sister Boyce. She literally still drives...insane. She was so grateful, and she was still talking about it on Sunday haha. I loved talking to her, and letting her tell us about all her pictures on her walls.

4. I met like a two hundred pound rottweiler. He's huge and his name is Mr. Snorbly. Pretty sure his owner only feeds him BBQ chicken and beef and milkbones.

Anyway, I'm slightly crunched for time, but here's my spiritual thought for the week. Yesterday, in church, the lady speaking said to pray in the morning and tell God your weaknesses and then ask for help. I challenge you all to do that this week. We all have weaknesses. I've recognized a lot of mine just being a missionary, and I need help. God is anxiously waiting to help us, if we are willing to let him. I can't wait to see what help he gives me this week.
Love you all, I'm sad as heck I'm not in Finland, but I'm still looking for my purpose here in Ohio. Keep me posted on the stuff from home, and Elder Clements if you're reading this, I've made way too many flashcards already. Love you all!

Vanhin Johnson

Pics (for some reason they are almost all with food haha):
1. Me freaking out before the airport
2. Plane pic
3. Tacos
4. Mr. Snorbly
5. A pretty good waffle thing my comp made
6. Thanksgiving


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