October 26, 2022


Provo MTC



Satoi Luntaaaa!!!!!

Moi everyone! This week was pretty eventful! (ja word haha)
After last PDay ended, I realized I had lost a sock that my bishop gave to all the priests from a California trip ages ago, and I was kinda bummed. I decided to go check the laundry after study with the elders and we found it! Little miracles are the best!

We had the same old week for the most part, until the end. Lots of Finnish classes, study, boring meals, and everything else. We finally learned past tense, which is helpful, and this one case called the -nut case which makes you sound like you actually speak Finnish when you use it correctly. Anyway, I won't bore you with too much of that.

This Sunday, IT SNOWED! SE SATOI LUNTA! I was so happy. Y'all that live not in Arizona or wherever else (that doesn't experience seasons) do not realize how happy I was. I love the snow! And the mountains looked so cool, and literally one of the coolest things of becoming a missionary has been actually seeing the seasons of fall and winter haha. That sounds so pathetic, but I've never had that before. SO COOL!

Also, on Sunday, we had another Go & Do Experience. I love those things. This week's topic was on Christ's atonement. I studied about this one parable in John 15, and I learned a lot about grace as an enabling power. In the parable it says that if we bear no fruit, we are cast off and burned in the fire. Pretty intense. And then, if we do bear good fruit, we are purged. Literally the words of the scripture. I thought that was harsh, but if you read further it says we are purged so that we can bring forth more fruit. After that it goes into more detail, but what I really learned from this was that grace is not something that magically saves us in the end. It is a power that gives us the ability to do more. It made me think of the parable of the currant bush by Hugh B Brown (I think is his name). Essentially, the story talks about how God allows trials in our lives so that we can grow into something that is better. Sometimes we have to be cut down, so we can be nurtured and grown into the best versions of ourselves. So grace is not something that is just given. It is an enabling power that comes from Christ's atoning sacrifice, and gives us the strength to press forward and become something more through Him who is mighty to save. It gives us the power to grow back stronger and learn from every trial that cuts us down. I know that as we put our trust in God, He will give us the grace we need to become who He knows we can be.

Last story, and then I'll be quiet. On Tuesday, me and Elder Clements had a lesson with a guy named Andrew W. This was our second lesson through the MTC, and the man's probably an actor, but it was so cool! We had a lesson planned for two possible scenarios and we were gonna say some stuff that ended up just not being used for the most part. We were able to listen to what he needed and it felt so cool walking out of that meeting. He accepted another invitation from us, and he actually did the first one from the last lesson which we did not expect! So cool, and it gets me excited to get out there to Finland. Just praying my visa comes in time!

Oh and I don't know how apostate this is of me, but I totally went to the temple with Kenley and Maija this morning haha! Love you guys, and thanks for making my day!!!

Email me if you've got any more questions, if you want to talk the gospel with me, or you just want to say hello! I'm down to help anyway that I can! Love you all so much! Rakastan teitä ja Jumala rakastaa teitä!

Pics (In random order):
Cool new tie clip I got
Snow / Lumi!!!
The Gold Squad from last week (Finally got the pic haha)
Some dude took a pic of us in choir
Branch Pic
The legend of the lost sock
Me and the comp


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