September 28, 2022


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Hey Guys!
Another P-Day has officially arrived, and it was a good one! More on that later.

This last week of being a missionary has been so tiring, but so rewarding. Me and my companion Vanhin Clements, taught our first lesson last week, and the short version is that we sucked so bad. We're just hoping that because it was through the MTC that that person was just an actor and their testimony was in no way affected by our teaching ability haha... but seriously.

Thankfully, we have had so many opportunities to practice teaching after that. So far, we have learned the first two lessons in English, and have had to teach the points to our district many times, so I've got those down pretty well.

Also, since there is no Finnish instruction until we go in person, I had to set up a tutoring appointment with one of my teachers. It went super well, and I was so happy to get to practice speaking what I'm learning. Because to be honest I was infinitely bummed when they said we had to self teach for two weeks. It's okay, I've almost made it through.

This Sunday, I gave my farewell, which actually went super well. I felt confident in my message, and I cannot wait to share my message with those in Finland!

Our second and third teaching appointments through the MTC went really well! Me and Clements were able to stay on the same page, and I felt like we were able to listen to the Spirit to say what needed to be said. The second one was cool because the guy prayed with us at the end and it made me excited to hear people pray for the first time in Finland. The third one especially was freaking amazing! No credit to me, that was all God and the Spirit. We were able to share scriptures, stories, and testimonies that were definitely perfect for the situation, and it was a small taste of what it would be like to have the words given to you in the mission field through the spirit. It made me so pumped. Me and Clements got off that lesson and called each other immediately after just to yell about how well it went. God is so aware of us and our situations, and he loves effort. If you have a rough go of things, take a step back, prepare for next time, and move forward. I know He'll help you if you let Him.

Nothing else super eventful happened throughout the week (besides my occasional pickle ball games with my Mom and Dad because I need any excuse to get out of my desk these days) until today! I got a message a couple days ago from another missionary in my district, the other Johnson with a T, and he's the coolest! He invited me and my mom to go to the temple with him and his mom today, and it was so awesome! I was so pumped to finally meet another missionary going to Finland in person! We did a session at the temple, went to Shake Shack, and talked for a while with all four of us! Pretty much the funnest thing I've been able to do since being set apart. Shoutout to Vanhin Johnston if you're reading this!

Lastly, I invite all of you guys to watch General Conference this weekend! Go into it with a specific question or topic you want to learn more about, and I know you'll find some answers to what you need. It is such an amazing opportunity we have to listen to our living prophets and apostles as they give us messages that help us make it through this crazy thing called life. If any of you need more information, never hesitate to send me an email! I know that I have felt the power of God in my life as I've watched and read the prophets' words.

Anyway, this next week I head up to Provo! I can't wait, but I'm sure there's going to be some hard goodbyes. I already had to say goodbye to one of my best friends this Sunday, and I'm not looking forward to the rest. Love you Dani! If you want to come say goodbye, send me a quick text while I can still respond! And if you want to just have a general gospel discussion about literally any topic, I'm down for that to xD! I love you guys!

Vanhin Johnson

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