March 20, 2017


Hampstead, NC


Elder Reed

5 Pics 1 Goat

Hey Everyone!! I hope everyone had a good week even though I am sure everyone's brackets are trash haha. My week was pretty good! On Wednesday our recent convert Tony got the Aaroinc priesthood and I had the opportunity to give him the blessing. It will be a day I will never ever forget. The spirit was so strong and Tony gets deployed to Italy for 7 months on Saturday so it was just so cool to give him the priesthood before he leaves.

Tuesday we went to this family named Mike and Alisha Shingleton. Mike is a less active but he is working right now with the bishop to get the priesthood so he can baptize his wife Alisha! They are such an amazing family and Mike was bearing testimony to us how important the gospel is and how much our Heavenly Father truly loves us. The spirit was so strong and it is so true. Heavenly Father wants to hear from us and that is why he has given us the opportunity to pray to him whenever or wherever we want. I know that he does answers prayers and that he truly does love us.

Wednesday we were knocking on doors and we saw this guy cutting down some trees so we went over and asked if he needed any help and he said no but we were asked him again and said are you sure sir? Well he asked if we could come over the next day to help him clean up all those trees he cut down. So the next day we went over and loaded 2 Uhauls full of trees! After he offered to give us each 100 bucks and we kept saying no and he wouldn't refuse. Well Elder Reed and I won that argument did the service for free! Tommy is a catholic and was very impressed. Gotta plant those seeds!!

Friday we got to go to lunch with Ryan and Audrey Francesconi! They are members of the Harris Lake Ward. Harris Lake was my last area. It was awesome to see them and Ryan is going to school in Utah so it was cool for him to drive 2 hours to take Elder Reed and I out to lunch! So thanks again Ryan and Audrey!

Other than those 3 stories nothing special happened this week! Sunday a bunch of less actives came to church which was unexpected. We didn't know half of them that came so it was cool to see them come and to meet them. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord. Heavenly Father truly loves each of us. The gospel is true. Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I know this with all of my heart! Have an amazing week everyone!!

I hope everyone likes the picture of me and the goats:) #lebron #kobe #nadal #brady
Elder Andrus


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