September 5, 2016


Holly Springs, NC


Elder Porfirio Garrick

Massive Rainstorm? Not

Hey everyone!! Hope everyone's week went super good! I had a pretty good week! Monday night we just went tracting and talked to some people and gave 1 person a book of mormon but he never called us so that was disappointing!

Tuesday we were service tracting and we went into this pretty sketchy area and not gonna lie I was super nervous about tracting in this area but on our very last door we met this guy named Adam. As soon as we opened the door he said " I feel like God sent you 2 here for me" It was such an awesome feeling when he said that. Adam was born a baptist and his mom told him that Jesus Christ was gonna come to the earth again and it scared him so bad. It scared him so bad that he never went to church and he has been taking medication for 14 years because he is so scared. Think about that.. He has been taking medication for 14 years because he was so terrified of Jesus Christ. It was so sad when he told us that. We shared our message about the restoration and how Jesus Christ loves us so much that he atoned for our sins. The spirit was super strong. The only problem about Adam is he is a huge smoker. I have never seen so many cigarettes on someones porch. We meet with him tomorrow so keep Adam in your prayers! He is a super awesome guy.

Wednesday my companion just got called to be District Leader so he had his first lesson as a district leader and his lesson went pretty good! After that we just went to work and tried visiting every less active but no one answers the door in the middle of the day. We also tried tracting that night but no one wanted to talk to us. Thursday and Friday it rained ALL day. ALL DAY. Everyone was freaking out that there was gonna be a hurricane. Every member told us to stay in the house and to be careful but... the storm wasn't even that bad. We could have gone tracting in that!

Saturday was just another normal day! We had a lesson with our investigator name Alvis but he is not making any commitments so it is very frustrating.. So yesterday was Fast Sunday and the Bishop bore his testimony on the savior and that really set the tone. It was one of the most spiritual sacrament meetings I have ever been in. Elder Garrick and I also bore our testimony and when I was giving mine the spirit really touched me that Jesus Christ loves us so much he atoned for all of our sins. He knows exactly how we feel when we are going through a trial. I have seen that in my life.

I am also praying for my cousin McCray. I heard he had a very serious surgery so please keep him in your prayers. This church is true and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to serve the lord! Hope everyone has a good week! Go cougs!!!

Elder Andrus


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