August 22, 2016


Holly Springs, NC


Elder Porfirio Garrick

Food Challenges!!

Hey how is everyone doing?? My week was pretty good! So Tuesday we went to our investigators house named Alvis and we brought a long a member with us. We were teaching him about the priesthood authority and baptism. The spirit was really strong until the member said... " Alvis I know that you can be baptized by John the Baptist" my companion look at each other like.. what did he just say haha. The lesson ended up being super good but Alvis did not commit to anything..Later that night after we got done tracting my companion wanted to try and do the kool aide challenge. You have to drink 15 bottles of kool aide in under 15 minutes.. He failed but gave a good effort! It was gross seeing how much sugar he could drink haha!

Wednesday our district leader Elder Carlisle( The guy I played tennis with every morning) it was his last district meeting so after we went to this hamburger place called Highway 55 burgers and fries! At Highway 55 there is a food challenge and in this challenge you have to eat 55 ounces of meat, a whole basket of fries and a drink in under 30 min... it was insane.. Both Elder Carlisle and Elder Garrick failed the challenge but gave a good effort!

Wednesday and Thursday we were working super hard but nothing happened.. Friday we had another lesson with Alvis and in a members home! That is the first time in a longgg time that an investigator was in a members house so that was really really good. We taught Alvis about the BoM and the spirit was so strong. Saturday we did service basically all day for this family that is one of our investigators! It was soo hot outside but they were so glad we helped them move into their new house! The members also had a huge part in the move and basically half the ward showed up! The Jackson family was soo impressed!

Sunday night we were tracting in the rain and the last house we knocked on we met this girl named Catherine and she told us that she is super super busy and can't meet with us but then we started sharing the message of the restoration and the spirit got to her. We had her read Moroni 10: 3-5 and after that she told us that she was going to read the book of mormon! I was so happy when she said that. We are probably going to meet her next week so that will be super exciting!

Hope everyone has such a good week! I challenge Y'all to read the book of mormon and pray to know if it is true and I know when you pray with faith that you will get your answer!

Love Elder Andrus


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