August 8, 2016


Holly Springs, NC


Elder Porfirio Garrick

Biking Home in a rainstorm

First of all thanks to everyone who wished me a happy bday last monday! I had an awesome day. We went to this ice cream place called "Sunny Skies" and it was the best ice cream I have ever had! My companion tried this flavor called spicy ice cream which smelled soo gross but he tried it! So thanks again for wishing me a happy bday!

This week went by so dang fast! On Tuesday Elder Garrick and I had a lesson with Chad who is a Methodist preacher and he is actually really starting to like the BoM which is good! His wife seems a lot more interested than he is but we are meeting with them again on Tuesday and we are gonna invite them to church and see how that goes! Wednesday I went on an exchange with the Zone Leaders and I went with Elder Kapu who is a Spanish speaking missionary! So I got to go to his area and listen to him teach lessons in Spanish and he taught some Hispanics English which was cool! I am very glad I am not speaking Spanish haha.. I have gained a lot of respect for other missionaries speaking a different language!

Thursday night we were teaching this family called the Jackson Family and it got late so we had to leave and they live about 4 miles away from our apartment and it started raining so dang hard. Elder Garrick and I had to bike 4 miles in a massive rainstorm! WE WERE SOAKED!!!! During the rainstorm it sucked but after it was funny! Then Friday we were walking with umbrellas and another rainstorm hit and we got SOAKED AGAIN!! 2 DAYS IN A ROW!! The rainstorms down here are insane!!!

Saturday we are teaching this guy named Alivs who has been talking to the missionaries for years and we asked him to come to church and he said he will in the next 2 weeks! He really felt the spirit and it was so awesome to see his face when he said he will come to church and maybe get baptized! We are meeting with him tomorrow and hopefully we commit him to baptism!

Yesterday was Fast sunday and Elder Garrick and I both got up and bore our testimony and the spirit was so strong. I love Sundays! The bishop in our ward is such a cool guy! We have a lot of Less Actives we are gonna talk to this week and we will be busy! Today I get to go to UNC campus and I AM WAY EXCITED! Love you all and add me on facebook! My name is Elder Brocton Andrus.
I can be friends with you but cant respond.. I can see all of your stuff and would love for you to add me! I love it here in NC! Have a good week!!

Love Elder Andrus


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