July 25, 2016


Holly Springs, NC


Elder Porfirio Garrick

First Week in NC!!

First of all... North Carolina is soooo dang hott. 95 degrees every single day and 100 percent humidity. I am here and loving it!! My companion is Elder Garrick from Arizona and he is a total redneck lol haha. He is such a good missionary tho. We are serving in the Harris Lake Ward but the town Holly Springs. The elders before us were.. awful.. they left our apartment a mess and they did no mission work. Elder Garrick and I are both new to the area so we don't know anyone! Harris Lake ward hasn't had a baptism since January. Its a very slow area so we got a lot of work to do.

So Monday evening I get to NC airport and meet my mission president who played tennis for Utah State so we already have a connection!! He is such a cool guy and I am so blessed that he is my mission president. Monday night we stayed on the mission home and we had 20 elders sleep on the floor so it wasn't that comfortable. Tuesday we wake up and in NC for breakfast they serve waffles and ice cream and applesauce. Very different but it was good! Then we go to the mission office and I met my trainer Elder Garrick! We had meetings all day and my companion got his license taken away so I had to drive in NORTH CAROLINA TRAFFIC MY FIRST DAY ON THE FIELD!! I WAS TRIPPING! We made it safe to our apartment and our apartments are super nice.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we spent all day riding bikes trying to find new investigators and meet the members and leaders. We would tract all day and all night and we got soooooo many doors slammed in our face which is tough. We only have 1 new investigator and his name is Chad and we are pretty sure he just wants to bible bash because he is a preacher for some big church but I am way excited to teach my first lesson Tuesday! When we were tracting we asked this lady for directions and she called the cops on us for some reason so people do not like missionaries in my area! Then we had some guy tell us to stop listening to our seminary teachers and pastors and to actually gain a testimony of Jesus Christ and stop worshipping Joseph Smith. I bore my testimony and it made him more mad which was funny cuz he knows that was I said was the truth!!

Saturday we had a district meeting and after we went to this place called "Cook Out" and it was soo dang good. The food here is amazing but all fried food!

Sunday we met the Ward Mission Leader and Bishop and we got introduced which was cool! Our leaders are super cool guys and I am very excited to work with them. We went to this family's house called the Estes Family and the dad was crazy! he served in the army and he had soo many guns in his house and a gun on the table which was super weird for me but my companion loved it. I am excited to get to know the area better and teach the people in this ward!!

I miss everyone so much and my address to my apartment is

2314 Kentworth Drive Hollysprings North Carolina 27540

I will be here for at least another 11 weeks so if you wanna send me anything that's the address!


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