August 16, 2017


Bainbridge, Georgia


Ethan Scott Belliston

Loving the work!

Hey everyone, I hope you all know how much I appreciate what you've done to help me in my life! I know that in some way I owe it to you. Thanks to those of you who have been praying for me! Hopefully my emails aren't too confusing...Here's the run down for the week:

Monday, August 7:
Today was a different P-Day from others in the past. Elder Belliston and I started the day off with volunteering at the local Salvation Army. Afterwards we drove into Marianna for our P-Day. The plan was for Elder Belliston and I to stay the night at Elder Mckinnion's and Elder Jorgensen's apartment. During the day we did our emailing at their church building and had a few workouts together like basketball, chair soccer, running, etc. We were also able to meet up with and do the exercises with the Sister missionaries too.
Tuesday, August 8:
After spending the night with the Elders in their apartment we (the four Elders) all drove to District meeting together. I don't know if I mentioned this yet but on the first of the month Elder Belliston allowed me to start driving the car...I don't what he was thinking. The last time I had driven a car was June 20! Anyway, we had a pretty awesome district meeting. Afterwards we went back to their apartment and we got things set up for Elder Jorgensen and I to drive back to Bainbridge. Leaving Elder Belliston and Elder Mckinnion to stay in Marrianna. When Elder Jorgensen and I arrived back in Bainbridge we had some time to do personal and companionship studies as well as have dinner and set up appointments for the following day.
Wednesday, August 9:
Elder Jorgensen and I started off the day at Salvation Army. I absolutely love the people who work there. One is named Ramona and is so funny because she finds everyday things hilarious. Another is named Natasha and she is the "manager" (I don't know her exact title but she is in charge). However, if you came into the store you wouldn't know she was in charge because she leads by example. She never tells us what to do but instead shows us. I admire her for being able to make sorting clothes so enjoyable. After we were done at Salvation Army, we were able to visit quite a few less active members of the Branch. None of the ones who were home committed that they would come to church but said that they should start going back. So all I can do is pray for and invite them to come back because we all have the God given Gift of Agency or the right to choose good from bad. Later in the day we met up with Elder Belliston and Elder Mckinnion and I returned back to Bainbridge with Elder Belliston.
Thursday, August 10:
Today we spent the day planning for next week so that took up an enormous chunk of the day. We also were able to meet with Jessie, Amaris, Reggie, and a few other less actives.
Friday, August 11:
Today we meet with Curel who is a recent convert into the Mormon church. We were also able to meet with the Miller family who has gotten busy with life and just hadn't been to church in a while. We were able to met with Reggie again and he is doing absolutely great! We spent a lot of time with Lisa & Coby today. They fed us Shepherds pie for dinner (which was so good), Lisa cut our hair, and we shared a lesson with them! I have grown to care about each of them so much as I have been able to see both of them grow closer to Heavenly Father.
Saturday, August 12:
I feel like we drove all over our area and well, that's because we did. We drove to a few different cities like Donalsonville, Colquitt, Brinson, Iron City, and Climax. All throughout the day we meet with people we had made appointments with who were less actives as well as people who we had met visiting the cities in the past. We got two new investigators from our trip. One named Ann and the other named Thomas. Both had requested for missionaries to come by through an online link on or It was a day full of meeting and inviting.
Sunday, August 13:
Every Sunday I wait in anticipation to see which investigators will make it to church. This week Elder Belliston and I were blessed to have 7 investigators make it. I am so excited that they were able to meet the branch and experience our Sunday sacrament service, Sunday school and our other meetings.

Scripture and Quote

This week I would like to send a link and I encourage everyone to look at it. It is about the Tuscon Arizona Temple Dedication.

I know that Temples are essential to God's Plan for his children. I cannot wait to be able to get married in a temple once I return from my mission and be sealed to her and our kids for time and all eternity. I know this is the true church. I am thankful for my family and friends who support me. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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