July 17, 2017


Bainbridge, Georgia


Ethan Scott Belliston

In the Field!

I have never in my life felt so exhausted as I do right now. Ok here's a summery since my last email:

Sunday July 9, 2017:
Today was my last Sunday in the MTC and it honestly went by way fast. I really am going to miss my zone because they were absolutely amazing! At the devotional we were able to hear from Brother Thurston (was the mission president in Forts Worth, Texas) and his wife. They talked on Missionary work or more specifically, what we can do to improve our work in the mission.
Monday July 10, 2017:
Today was the last day with my teachers and it was very hard to say goodbye because of how much time I have spent with them and how much they have taught me. I will definitely remember and miss all of them!!! Today was also the last day I got to see the sisters in my district. We, as a district, spent about four hours together (after our classes and such were over) just talking and remembering funny things that were said and done. I had a fun friendship with each one of the sisters and I will miss their jokes and laughter. I spent the rest of the night finishing what little packing I had left.
Tuesday July 11, 2017:
Today all of the Elders and Sisters that were going to the Florida Tallahassee mission got up at 3 am to check out of the MTC. After we checked out we got on a bus headed to the Salt Lake airport. It was extremely weird to be in a vehicle because I had spent the last three weeks walking around to the same four places. The MTC went by so quick! After we got to the airport I was able to call home for the last time until Christmas. It was amazing to be able to hear my parents voices and my siblings. I miss them so much! We then boarded a plane headed to Atlanta. We had a quick layover where we literally ran to catch our next flight. I fell asleep before the plane even left the ground. It was about a 45 minute flight from Atlanta to Tallahassee. As soon as we were off the plane we were met by our mission president and his wife. They are actually from Mesa Arizona so it was cool to make connections with them. They fed us dinner and we stayed in a hotel for the night.
Wednesday July 12, 2017:
My first full day in the field!!! My companion is Elder Ethan S. Belliston from Kaysville, UT. He is s cool and reminds me so much of my cousin Justiz. Ok guess where my first area is? I'll bet you didn't guess that my first area would be in Georgia!!! I'm in a little town called Bainbridge. It's a little branch that is part of the Dothan Alabama Stake. My address is: 405 McNair St. Bainbridge, GA 39818. Look it up...its an interesting place. Our Apartment is way big and nice. We didn't spend a lot of time unpacking because we immediately went to visit a recent convert and an investigator left for us by the sisters who had been in the area previous to us. Both of whom are amazing ladies! The first ones name is Lue and she is the recent convert. I will definitely come back with my family in two years and have them meet her. She can talk anyone's ear off as well. The other ladys name is Lisa. Lisa is married to a returned missionary who fell away from the church about ten years ago. Her husbands name is Coby. He and her have both attended church regularly for about a month now!
Thursday July 13, 2017:
Today we went around getting to know the area and Members. Went bowling with the Elders Quorum. I won with a score of 129 and 126 btw. The Elders Quorum president is named Scott and he helps the missionaries out a ton. He is a pesticides pilot and super chill.
Friday July 14, 2017:
Today we met a father and son who are interested in the Gospel named Lamarius (Father) and Ricky (Son). We met the two of them while street contacting through a trailer park after we had received a text from Salt Lake saying that someone in a different trailer requested a Book of Mormon. We were unable to reach that person but saw Lamarius and talked with him. Afterwards we left him with the Book of Mormon, asked him to read it, and set up a return appointment for Sunday.
Saturday July 15, 2017:
Picked up another new investigator name Linda. We came across Linda trying to contact her, less active and recent convert, son who has actually moved out. We were able to teach her about the Restoration and she said she'd love to hear more! We were also able to meet with a family who has a less active convert husband named Zach, a wife currently investigating the church named Faith, and two kids named Nolan and Ella. They are getting married in October so she can be baptized.
Sunday July 16, 2017:
Today we had church and it was very interesting because of how few people attended. I was able to meet the Dothan Stake president too, His name is President Salmon and he does missionary work in the wards and branches like no one I've ever met. This area has about 220 members on the list and gets around 40 people to church on Sundays so we have our work cutout for us. The man that fed us dinner is a member named Harvey and invited his less active friend over named Kenny. It was a great meal and an even better discussion about the gospel. We committed Kenny to come to church next Sunday.

Here's a summary of my notes from my study journal:
Thursday July 12, 2017:
When the Savior appeared to the Nephites, they had gone through a hard part in their lives. Friends and family had been killed, cities and homes destroyed, darkness prevailed. No wonder after they saw the Savior, all of them cried out "Hosanna!" which means "save now, we beseech thee." These were some of the most righteous people in the Book of Mormon. And they were weak. (3 Ne. 17:2). Like you. And me. We don't understand and live all His words. And yet, as He did to the righteous of the Nephites, He says to us "your faith is sufficient that I should heal you." (17:8). He had called upon them from heaven to "be converted, that I may heal you." (9:13). And heal them He did. They weren't perfect or knowledgeable. But their faith was sufficient; enough to be converted, to be healed and to see miracles.
So now my question to you is-- Is our faith sufficient?
I love you all so much and miss ya!


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