July 8, 2017


Provo, UT MTC


Ethan Scott Belliston

2nd Week in the MTC

Sunday, June 25:
Today we were able to hear talks from President Martino and his wife. President Martino is the missionary training center president. Sister Martino talked about obedience. Specifically obedience on our missions. President Martino talked about faith and repentance. He also
told a story from his mission about when he was teaching a 54-year-old Jewish rabbi. When President Martino knocked on the rabbis door and
told him that he was a representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints the rabbi laughed and said "You think that you, with no college degree, can teach me about religion? Isn't this ridiculous?"
To which then elder Martino replied "allow me to share my knowledge and then you can judge". To make a long story short the 54-year-old man was baptized two months later.
Monday, June 26:
Today I was able to teach, with my companion, two TRC's. A TRC is an investigator who comes to the missionary training Center to be taught about the gospel by missionaries in training. The name of our first
TRC was Hilma. Hilma is from Namibia and has a very good understanding of the Lutheran Church and especially of the Bible. She is in Provo because she is on a cross-country scholarship at BYU. She is just taking general classes for now. Our second TRC investigator is
named Jacob. Jacob is from Washington (State) and has always felt that something was missing in his life.
Today, during my exercise time I was playing volleyball and jumped up to spike a ball. Upon coming down I landed on my teammates foot and sprained my ankle very badly. I was unable to do much the rest of the day.
Tuesday, June 27:
Today when I woke up I was not able to walk or put any weight on my ankle. One of the companionship's in my room went to the athletic trainer to get crutches for me. For about half of the day I used crutches but got sick of them so I decided that I would just walk and deal with the pain. We also had a devotional where Elder Bednar and
his wife were able to speak. Sister Bednar spoke on the plan of happiness. Elder Bednar spoke on the Prophet Joseph Smith because today is the anniversary of the day he was killed. He also spoke on what the scriptures referred to as "the word".
Wednesday, June 28:
Today my ankle was still very tired in the morning but I was able to walk on it after moving in a little bit.
Thursday, June 29:
Today we were able to have two amazing classroom discussions. Both teachers seemed to have perfect lessons prepared today. In addition to the amazing lessons, Elder Durrant and I were able to give a few
blessings to new elders that were sick and homesick.
Friday, June 30:
Throughout this week elder Durrant and I were able to continue to teach Hilma and Jacob. We were able to get Jacob to continue being taught by missionaries. So we turned him over to the missionaries serving in the Provo Utah mission.
Saturday, July 1:
Today was my preparation day so most of what I did was laundry and cleaning. It got to bed around 9 o'clock and we were told that we would be able to see fireworks from the stadium of fire.
Sunday, July 2:
The devotional today was a musical number performed by President Martino's brother and nephew. The entire team of the musical numbers were based on the Prophet Joseph Smith and his involvement with the church. it was truly amazing to be able to hear that story in the way of music. It was probably one of the coolest devotionals I've ever been to.
Monday, July 3:
Today Elder Durrant and I were able to teach two new TRC's. The first one was Monsop. He's from Costa Rica and has only been speaking English for 10 months. In our first lesson we promised him that we would teach him a few English words every day as long as he promised
to teach us a few Spanish words. Today he taught us what labyrinth was in Spanish. In return we taught him Cabra which means goat. Our other TRC investigator is named Parker. Parker is from New Hampshire and
moved to Provo after his friend Grant returned from his mission and desires to go to BYU. Grant and Parker both work at the MTC as custodians. Both Parker and Monsop
were raised Catholic. Monsop's wife is already a member and encouraged him to come to the MTC to learn about the gospel.
Tuesday, July 4:
Happy Fourth of July everyone! Today was a good day as far as us teaching the TRC investigators. My ankle is no longer purple but continues to be swollen. Today at the devotional we were taught by brother Watson and his wife. Brother Watson is a member of the quorum
of the 70 but is too old to continue to serve in that position. Both gave wonderful talks on their conversion stories and how important missionaries were in their lives. At this devotional I was able to say the opening prayer in front of all of the Provo MTC and the others
were the devotional was broadcasted to.
Wednesday, July 5:
Today we got 25 new elders and sisters bringing the grand total to 51 people in the zone. Earlier this week I forgot to mention that one of our districts left for India. Currently the districts in my zone will be serving in Florida, Texas, Washington DC, Washington State, London, Jamaica, Ghana, Hawaii, and South Africa. All English speaking.
Thursday, July 6:
Today was our last meeting with our TRC investigators. Monsop has decided it is time for him to be baptized. He has been contemplating it for a while because his wife has wanted him to be baptized. Parker will continue to be taught my missionaries in the TRC. He and I will still email back-and-forth so that I can keep in contact with him and know if he decides to be baptized.
Friday, July 7:
Today was probably one of the longest days since my first Sunday at the missionary training Center. Today we had nothing but infield training. The training was based around how members can help us as we are out in the field. Specifically ward auxiliary leaders.


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