April 15, 2019


Frisco City


Elder Daw

"Moooo" area

Hey Y'all it's been a good week! Spent a solid chunk of time driving. (I'll explain in this letter)

Elder Daw and I cover 3 area now. We cover our assigned area of Monroe, plus the branch east of us called Toxey, and another branch south of us called Atmore. They are 3 of the biggest areas in our mission. Basically we cover 20% of the geographical portion of the mission. It's crlazy because Navarre, my previous area, was the smallest area in the mission. Such a big change!

We live on the property of some members who had built a small home and were living in it while they were building a bigger one next door. They rent out the smaller home to the missionaries. It's a nice little set up. The family is made up of a mom, dad and a bunch of kids only 2 of which are still at home. The family owns a bunch of land and has goats, chickens, cows, ducks, a donkey, and dogs. The have two lakes for fishing and a huge grove of trees. It's really pretty cool.

I have met a majority of the members and most of the people who are being taught by the missionaries. In the Monroe Branch we have about 8 youth, 5 primary children, 5 young single adults and maybe 40 adults. The Atmore branch has about the same just a few more of each. The Toxey branch is about half the size of Atmore as far as the number of active members.

We have quite a few people we are working with in Monroe and a few in Atmore. Toxey has a senior couple there right now who do carry most of the work needed there.

We are 60 minutes away from the closest missionaries to us however they are not in our zone so we do not see them. We are 90 minutes away from the closest missionaries in our zone. Basically the only missionary I see is Elder Daw. Thankfully he is an awesome companion!

The story of the week involves me chasing a cow. Here's the run down.... Elder Daw was in need of a new Facebook profile picture and I was too. We decided to take some pictures. Some were on a rail road by our house, Some at one of the lakes and some in with the cows. Elder Daw and I were trying to get closer to one of the cows and she got scared and jumped a 4 foot fence! We'll I spent the next 15 minutes, in my white shirt and tie, chasing this cow back into the field she jumped out of. The biggest problem was that there wasn't a rope to be found. It also didn't help that the dogs kept chasing her further and further from her field. Eventually I chased her into the fence opening that Elder Daw opened. It was quite an experience!

I am saddened at the fire that damaged the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. And hope that it can be restored!

I love ya much! Thank you for your prayers on my behalf!
-Elder Brock Goates


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