March 4, 2019


Navarre, FL


Elder Law


Ok so I don't have any stories but I'll give you updates on lots of people.

New Companion- Elder Law:
Really an awesome companion! Shaping up to be one of my favorites! We teach well together. I do think I need to talk less and let him teach more because he knows his stuff and has a great Testimony.

Two new ward missionaries:
Cooper who is our bishop's son and a priest who goes out with us a ton. He is a solid theater guy and a great dancer. He's a great teacher!
Jasmine who is a laurel and an amazing track star. She has a pure testimony that she is great at sharing with others.

Had a lesson with her on Sunday with our two new ward missionaries. It was a simple one on the importance of tithing, fasting and fast offerings. Our ward missionaries both took a good amount of the lesson on their shoulders.

Tracey and Melina:
What an exciting lesson we had with them! So many questions... it kinda went all over so next time we go over we are going to teach a lesson then let them ask questions. They didn't come to church on Sunday but we have two lessons with them this week.

Josh (investigator whose wife is a member named Ashley):
He is continuing to to learn more about the church but it has been hard for them to make it due to medical situations.

Micheal (investigator whose wife is a member named Victoria):
He just got back from a brief deployment so we are having a lesson with him this week. They both come to church regularly and are awesome!

JT (investigator whose wife is a member named Victoria too):
He was out of town doing some training but we had a good lesson with him this Sunday night. They made it to church last week but went out of town till this past Sunday afternoon. He is doing very well and I am hopeful for him to be baptized soon!

Just got a second job so she's been hard to meet with but we've had great contact with her!

Hope y'all are doing well!

-Elder Goates


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