February 25, 2019


Navarre, FL


Elder Law

Just BE a missionary!

I have a bit to update y'all on so buckle up.

Transfers have happened. I am still in Navarre. Elder Barkdull has transferred to Wewahitchca. I got a new companion named Elder Law. He is a fun, quiet kid. He is from Pleasant Grove, Utah. He and I get along great! In fact, he said he finds conversation with me easier than with others. We talk a lot about cars. Its pretty sweet. We already have had some awesome experiences. The coolest has been an amazing experience of how service has lead to new friends.

Last transfer Elder Barkdull and I received a phone call from a member in Crestview who had a friend that came to them asking if they new anyone who lived in Navarre. This friend had another friend who needed help moving some stuff. Well through this crazy chain of people knowing people we were informed that they needed some help. We went and spent about 3 hours helping them move. These people, Tracey and Melina, lived in the apartments that the Gulf Breeze sisters lived in. The Gulf Breeze sisters live in our area but we called them and asked if they would help too. As Elder Barkdull and I helped move stuff the sisters began talking to the mom. The mom, Melina, had many questions about us as missionaries and Sister Williams and Sister Taylor did a great job answering them. This planted a great seed. Tracey asked if Elder Barkdull and I might be able to help the next morning to move some of their other stuff into storage. We agreed and spent 2 more hours helping Tracey. During this time he asked questions about what we believed. As we finished up he told us he would take us out to dinner sometime soon. We then exchanged contact information. Well fast forward to last Saturday, Melina called us asked if we were available to go to dinner. We already had a dinner planned but felt like we should eat with them anyways so I told them we would love to go to dinner with them. On the way to and from dinner we were asked questions about EVERYTHING we teach. Literally EVERYTHING like Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, Plan of salvation, Restoration, Prophets, Baptism, Priesthood, 3 degrees of glory etc. It was so cool! Afterwards we set a return appointment to teach them for Wednesday morning. Neither of them have an extremely firm knowledge of Christ or God but do have some basics. Melina is especially excited to come closer to Christ. Moral of the story ALWAYS accept double meals and just be a missionary!

Things are continuing to climb here in Navarre! Because we are now in a car share we bike a ton more than before and members are seeing us out and about. This is causing members to come to ask if they can give us rides and come out with us. We just got our bishop to call two new ward missionaries and they both have already been out with is since being set apart last Sunday. Lots of good stuff is happening because of Elders before me and because of an attitude change that the ward has had in the past month or so. I hope I can finish my mission here to see how it all unravels!

Elder Goates


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