October 22, 2018


Theodore, Alabama


Elder Moser

Cleaning up!

Hey y'all! It's been a quick week...not to much to report on so this week will be a quick one.

Elder Moser and I got to spend a lot of time in Panama City. The area is in much better shape than it was last week. Most of the area has electricity and water. There are a few scattered areas that are still needing some TLC but over all the area seemed more like a city than a wasteland. Elder Moser and I, along with some people from our ward, went to Panama City over the weekend and got to do more clean-up. We got up at 4am Saturday morning and drove the 5 hours into the area. We got two homes cleaned on Saturday. By cleaned I mean trees that were on the ground were cut and put into piles on the front grass and a few other items organized the best we could.
We stayed the night in Lynn Haven with the Morse family. Such a blessing to be able to visit with them. Sunday we went to church with the other workers that were part of the church's helping hands group. President Oaks and his wife, Bishop Waddell and his wife, and Sister Bingham and her husband were all at the sacrament meeting. President Oaks and his wife both spoke as well as Bishop Waddell. They all spoke briefly but powerfully. Such a powerful meeting.
After our sacrament meeting the local units had a combined meeting. So I got to see a bunch of the members from the Lynn Haven Ward, Callaway Ward and Panama City Beach Ward. I really missed them and it was fun to say hi.
After sacrament meeting our group worked on two more homes and called it a day. Such a fun weekend!
The Gonzales family was not baptized because Sean was called into work so their baptism has been postponed.
Thank you for all of the prayers said on behalf, for my area, my investigators, my prior areas and all others affected by the hurricane.

I'd love to her from y'all!

Elder Goates


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