September 26, 2018


Theodore, Alabama


Elder Moser

The Grind!

The Grind don't stop!

I first would like share my witness of the power that comes from sharing a simple gospel truth and then bearing Testimony of that truth. My incredible companion Elder Moser has been a fabulous example of this to me. Anytime we have a conversation with someone we are always able to share a little gospel truth. But before we depart from any conversation Elder Moser gives his Testimony of the truthfulness of our message. He has am amazing ability to let the Holy Spirit teach through him. I know that when gospel truths are shared with a personal, sincere witness, the power of the Holy Spirit teaches us, both giver and receiver, of the divinity of our message. I challenge each of you to search out the gospel truths by learning with the missionaries in your area or simply by studying the Bible and Book of Mormon on your own. As you prayerfully study with a desire to learn more, I promise you will gain the truth of all things by the power of the Holy Ghost.

The Lord has blessed Elder Moser and I with many opportunities to teach the gospel this past week. I will share a few of those stories with y'all.

On Thursday Elder Moser and I were going to visit a Lady whose last name is Dunn. Sister Dunn had come across an offering a free Bible. She was connected with a set of sister missionaries at a referral center who talked with her about the Book of Mormon and offered one to her in addition to the Bible she was to receive. She accepted the offer for missionaries (Elder Moser and I) to come by and share more about the Restored gospel. Elder Moser and I went to her home. Taught her about the basics of our beliefs. I had a very strong prompting to asked her and her family a few questions. Following the questions committed her, her sister(technically close friend), oldest son and oldest daughter to be baptized on October 27th. They all accepted! The Lord's continues to play a tremendous part in the work in this area.

Both the Dunn and Gonzales family were able to make it to church on Sunday. This meant that we had 13 non-members at church on Sunday. 7 members of the Gonzales family, 5 members of the Dunn family and one of our friends were are teaching named Kevin. What an incredible blessing. Both families were very well fellow shipped by the ward and are eager to come back next week!

On Friday our mission was visited by Elder Bowman a member of the quorum of the 70. He spoke to us about four topics which are all related: Abrahamic Covenant, The lost Tribes of Israel, the baptismal covenant and the Oath and Covenant of the priesthood. It was so cool to see the relation between all of these topics. Very motivating meeting!

I love you all! Remember who you are and act accordingly!

Elder Brock Goates
5089 Government Blvd. Apt #825
Mobile, AL 36693


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