September 19, 2018


Theodore, Alabama


Elder Moser

A week of miracles

Hey everyone! This week has been nothing short of amazing. Elder Moser and I were able to experience some pretty incredible miracles. I'm going to start this email off with what happened on Tuesday. Our mission president set a goal for every set of missionaries in the mission to find teach and baptize a family in the next 6 months. After that my district talked about how we were going to go about accomplishing it. We came to the conclusion that we were all going to set goals to help us find families to teach in the next week. We were also encouraged by our sister training leaders, who are the sisters who are in charge of the zone, to prayerfully set goals for the upcoming week. Elder Moser and I took all of this to heart and spent a good amount of time planning for this next week. We felt that we would be able to find three families to teach and work with this next week. This leads us into Wednesday.
On Wednesday Elder Moser and I were able to meet with a part member family where the husband was a member and the wife had been investigating the church. We committed her to be baptized on October 13th and she agreed to work towards that day. Her name is Megan and she is very excited to be baptized. She expressed how she knew the Book of Mormon was true and that it really was another Testament of Jesus Christ.
On Thursday I was on an exchange with Elder Rinquest . Elder Rinquest is the district leader of the district I am in now. He and I were out trying to clean up our area book. While doing this we came across the family where the father had been in contact with missionaries one time but never had a follow-up appointment. He wasn't there but we were able to talk to his wife and their son. As we were talking with them we realized that this was another family that the Lord put in our path for us to teach.
On the same day Elder Rinquest and I had about 30 minutes left to clean out our area book. So we were driving to a house and I accidentally drove past it. My thought was oh well we will visit them on the way back. We went and visited another home and then on the way back we decided to stop at the house that I missed. We went up to the door and knocked on it to which a young boy answered he told us that his mom was not home. Right as he said that she pulled up in the car. We started to talk with her and ask her if she had received her free Bible. She said that she had not so we delivered that to her. We also gave her a book of Mormon and started to explain that. She said that she didn't have time right then to meet but we scheduled an appointment for the next day. We continued to talk with her and her kids at one point in the conversation so she said, "you know what I've got some time right now to hear you guys out why don't we go in for a couple minutes?" We went in and taught about the restoration and were able to find that family to teach. Truly amazing how the Lord prepares people for us to meet. We have an appointment set up with her later in this week. We are hoping to commit her and her family members to be baptized as well.
After sacrament meeting the Lord had another miracle in store for us and a member told us that there was a couple in the hallway wanting to talk with us. We went out into the hallway and met a man and his wife. He told us his grandmother had been a member in the ward before she moved back to California. He then explained that he had just recently lost his job because the company he was working for went out of business. He came to us wanting help. We were able to teach him the restoration before he met with the bishop to receive that help. In meeting with him and his wife we committed them to be baptized on October 13th. Later in the day we were able to meet with their family and committed their 5 kids to be baptized on the same day as well. It was super cool to see how even though we didn't find the Gonzalez family, the Lord was able to provide us a miracle for the work that we had put in throughout the week.

Some other smaller miracles that the Lord helped us out with this week. While I was out tracking with Elder Rinquest he and I came across a man and woman who were unloading their van. I approached them and asked them how they were doing. The man waved and the woman said that she didn't speak any English. It was at that point that I somehow managed to strike up a conversation in Spanish and told them our purpose as missionaries. I was also able to get some of their contact information to give to the Spanish missionaries in the area. What a blessing that the spirit was able to help me know what to say.

While I was out one of the days of this week trying to find a girl named Jessica. She had requested a book of Mormon and showed interest in learning more about it. Elder Rinquest and I we're trying to find her to be able to see if she got the Book of Mormon and was taught about it. When we got to the address that was in the area book we figured out that there was not an apartment number. So Elder Rinquest had the idea that we should walk around and see if there was anyone to talk to and then try to use White Pages to see if her address was anywhere in there. As we were walking around we saw two guys sitting underneath the gazebo. We approached them and asked if either one of them knew who she was. One of them said yes of course would you like me to show you where her apartment is. We told him what we were doing and that we would love for him to be able to show us her apartment. We went over to her apartment and set up a return appointment to meet with her. The Lord definitely had his hand in that.

Love y'all! Keep on keeping on!
(the picture is me with my new companion, Elder Moser)

Elder Brock Goates
5089 Government Blvd. Apt #825
Mobile, AL 36693


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