September 12, 2018


Panama City


Elder Moser

I'm now in Alabama

Super fun p-day today but wasn't able to email much because of a bunch of little things. Ok so basically Elder Moser is super funny. He's from Cali! He's pretty chill. He did some hip hop dancing back home and is such a random guy. He's been out 20 months and was actually the missionary who replaced me in Bainbridge. So while I've spent the last 6 months in Tallahassee and Lynn Haven, he has been in Bainbridge. He's been able to update me on some situations: Alvin Weston has decided to start taking the lessons again and made it to church this past Sunday. Lisa and Coby are still continuing to take the discussions. They have both stop smoking and Lisa almost has her divorce finalized. It sounds like a lot of the stuff that happened there has settled down. The Cleveland's and the Taylors moved and now attend the Thomasville Ward which is just the next town over. It puts them in the Tallahassee stake but still in the state of Georgia.
The work in Theodore has been slow to start off. It has been slow because we are white washing (opening a new area) after Spanish Speaking Elders. So most of the progressing investigators were turned over to the new Spanish missionaries that got put into the Mobile Ward. Which means we only had a handful of people who are being taught here in English. So Elder Moser and I get to do a lot of finding this week.
The new district that I'm in is pretty cool:
Elder Meidlinger is from West Valley City, Utah and is actually in my Gramy and Pop's ward.
Elder Llyod is his companion and he is from somewhere in Utah. They are the Spanish elders in the area.
Elder Rinquest is my DL and is from Utah as well.
Elder Young is his comp and is freaking awesome.
Sister Creason is from Canada.
Sister Johnson is from Oregon and her brother actually served in this mission just like 6 months ago.
They are all great!
It was really hard for me to leave Lynn Haven. I really grew to love the people there and developed a lot of lifetime relationships. I loved the area and it was really hard to say good bye... I guess that's just what happens when you put 100% of your time energy and love into an area and a group of people and then get plucked out of that situation unexpectedly.
This area has a lot of potential and I know I'm here for a reason.

Love y'all! Have a great week!


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