August 8, 2018


Panama City


Elder Child

Been a great week!

So this week went by in about 30 minutes so here's the run down.
Tuesday we found this guy who's name changed throughout the conversation. He was fully aware of what was going on but nonetheless he was interested in what we shared with him. We taught him about the restoration. He said he had heard about it before. Turns out another set of missionaries had talked to him the day before.
Wednesday we had MLC. Missionary Leadership Council. We have them once a month and we basically discus what we as ZL's/STL's can do to better our mission. One of the topics was transfer spots. The problem was that it was to hot to meet at an abandoned gas station.... my solution was to meet at a LDS church building 30 minutes away. Everyone was like Wow! What an idea and I was like... why didn't we do this from the start? So funny... great meeting!
Thursday was pretty chill. We spent a solid chunk of the day doing family history training! Oh how I love Family History!!!
Friday we had Zone Conference and Elder Child and I delivered an awesome training. We had a funny skit to start off. After Zone Conference Elder Child and I had exchanges with the Apalachicola Elders. I went with Elder Campbell while Elder Child went with Elder Vance. BTW that's Elder SPENCER CAMPBELL FROM QUEEN CREEK, ARIZONA!!! Super fun exchange!!! He's going to be a phenomenal missionary!
Saturday we and half of our zone helped the stake out with a family history event and got about 50 people who are interested in having us in their homes for one on one help!!! Awesome day!!
Sunday Elder Child and I taught young men's and had a totally sweet lesson on how to become a good husband and father. We basically played Jeopardy and discussed the answers to the questions. The boys seemed to love it!
Overall a great week!!!


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